Anyone else feel like this on Huel?

Hey everyone, I’ve just done my first week on Huel, but I’m trying to figure out some of the side effects I’ve been having.
I’ve been having 3scoops vanilla, 500ml water and a banana blended for breakfast and then my regular lunch/diners.
I’ve noticed however that I’ve been getting pretty bad indigestion/heartburn after consuming the huel and I’ve also been feeling really exhausted. My stomachs been feeling pretty rubbish and upset too, which is how I get when I’ve eaten a lot of greasy food.

Anyone got any ideas or have similar experiences? I was expecting to feel great because of all the extra nutrients but I’m actually feeling worse.

Oh yeah, It’s pretty common that people experience different levels of discomfort when radically changing their food/nutrition intake. I would recommend you start with only two scoops (even better if you use a kitchen scale for more accurate measurement) and drink it slower, over perhaps 20 minutes, instead of chugging it. It is after all a full meal, and getting heartburn after devouring a full meal in less than 2 minutes could be expected. The stomache issues will hopefully resolve themself if you give it time to get used to all the fiber. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water too - the fibers need something to soften them up! You will hopefully feel great once your tummy adapts to handling all the goodness of the Huel :star_struck:


I get heartburn. Apparently it’s normal, try a heartburn tablet or like @Tottiroo says drink it slower and stay hydrated.

Thankyou for the info! I actually drink mine over a period of 2 hours while I’m working. It makes me feel a bit sick trying to drink too much in one go so I much prefer sipping it haha.
I’ll try reducing the amount and sticking with it a little bit longer. My diets not the worst currently and I’ve been upping my vegetable intake over the past month or so, so I was hoping I wouldn’t have to have too much of a big adjustment period haha.

What were you having for breakfast before? If you were having something carb heavy it might take a while to adjust which might explain the feelings of exhaustion.
I felt permanently tired for a while when I gave up drinking sugary fizzy drinks and replaced them with water. Water is undoubtedly better for me but my body was accustomed to the high energy from the sugar supply and I felt like crap for a while until I adjusted. Sometimes it’s not about what you switch to, but more about what you are switching from.

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Can’t say I have ever experienced that. My first week of Huel I felt better than I ever have in my life (apart from being stuck on the toilet). I have seen on this forum some mention heartburn on Huel, definitely not a rare occurance if previous testimonies are to go by! I have no idea what could cause these issues whilst on Huel unfortunately.