Day 2 - constant stomach ache

Hi there! I’m new to Huel, currently on Day 2. Loving it so far!

I’ve been having 2 x meals of 4 scoops per day, one for breakfast and one for lunch and then a normal dinner.

The only bad thing about Huel so far is that I’ve been having a near constant minor stomach ache. Does anyone else experience this? Does it go away after a few days? Is there anything I can do differently to reduce the stomach ache? Perhaps I could try splitting the meals into 4 x 2 scoops instead of 2 x 4 scoops…

I’m usually fine with gluten and I see Huel contains some - I can eat 4 slices of toast with no issues. So I don’t think the gluten in Huel could be causing the stomach ache.

It could be the increase in fibre.

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I agree with Marcus. My guess is the increase in fibre. When I first moved to Malaysia, the food was totally different from what I was used to eating, and I could not find milk to buy anywhere, so was having black tea instead of hot coffee with milk at home all day, and for the first week, my system was shocked and I had constant stomach aches, but then the stomach aches stopped and I was absolutely fine after that. Never has another problem. Oh, and I found a shop that sells milk and also coffee powder. Hang in there. It will come right quickly. :slight_smile:

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I would suggest spreading it out, I am 100% huel and have been for a few weeks and find that with 4 scoops a time it sometimes makes me bloat and feel uncomfortable.

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I’ll try spreading it out and monitor things over the next few days.

Thanks for your support.

I gave some to a friend of mine to try and she too got a stomach ache. I told her to swallow some pain killers, and then try it again the next day. Next day she got a very mild stomach ache. I convinced her to have a cup the third day, she didn’t want to, but she did, and she didn’t get a stomach ache.

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Yep that’s pretty much what happened with me. I can have 4 scoops at a time and not have any stomach issues.

The advice on the packets is to start slowly. But like a typical bloke, I just jumped straight in :slight_smile:


To be fair, getting Huel for the first time is pretty exciting!