Stomach Pains - Huel Black

Could really use some advice please.

I’m aware there are a fair few threads on this, but most experiences shared seem to be from heavier users of Huel than the (breakfast only) volume I’m consuming.

I’m on my second bag now of Huel Black, having moved over from occasional ready-made Huel usage. Monday to Friday, I’m having just short of my 400 kcals, using 1.5 - 2 complete scoops.

I’m finding shortly after consuming that I am in a reasonable amount of discomfort, with mild pains and bloating. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s happened with both salted caramel and vanilla.

I’ve read that Huel takes adjustment given it’s high-fiber content, but I’m two months in.

My diet is generally pretty good and I’ve upped my water intake alongside to try and help the digestion of Huel. I’ve also slowed the drinking over the course of a few hours and lowered the amount (generally only 1.5 scoops) to try and make things easier on my digestive system, but it’s still occurring.

I should add that I never had any issues with the ready-to-drink version.

Advice would be really appreciated as I would love to continue to use Huel, especially as it really works for my lifestyle and has aided my weight loss - I’m just really not enjoying the stomach cramps.


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Terribly sorry to hear about the discomfort you’ve been experiencing. It is unusual to have this feeling over a 2-month period. I would suggest perhaps speaking with your doctor about this, as these could potentially be signs of an intolerance or allergy and it’s important to rule that out before continuing just in case!

Thank you @Charlotte_Huel!

Is there anything radically different from RTD to Black that may cause an upset? I was thinking of trying to get my hands on some original Huel to see if that cased the flare ups.

I did one scoop of Huel Black this morning and it was marginally better for me.

I have this problem, seems to be the Stevia in flavoured huel black, switch to unsweetened or try huel white.

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Stevia may cause unpleasant gastrointestinal symptoms - but only usually in individuals that are very sensitive to it - as hypersensitivity to sugar alcohol is rare.

Hi. I have also noticed stomach cramping with the salted caramel black huel one, an I only do 1 scoop. If it is the stevia then I’m buggered :rofl: as I use the black because it was the only one that didn’t have oats in as I’m allergic :face_with_peeking_eye:.

Black U/U? No oats, no stevia. :slight_smile: