Stomach pain after a few weeks of huel

Hey, I’m looking for some advice! I started huel around thanksgiving, I started with one per day and then after a few days increased to 2 huels per day. I love it and was feeling great and it seemed to be working out perfectly. A couple days ago I started getting pretty uncomfortable cramping and stomach pain whenever I consume anything, huel or non huel. I couldn’t tolerate it so the only thing I could think to try was lowing my huel to 1 per day. I tried thicker and thinner mixes, drinking more water during the day, taking a probiotic, etc, but the only thing that seemed to help was less huel. I’m so disappointed because it was going so well for the first few weeks and I felt great, and I don’t understand why this would suddenly happen. For all I know it could be something else unrelated, but the only major change I’ve made lately is huel. I really love having two huel meals per day and then still having regular dinner and I want to be able to continue doing that but right now it seems as though my stomach will only tolerate one per day. Help! Should I push thru and hope my stomach gets used to it?

I think you increased to two Huels too soon. The adjustment period varies from person to person. I did not get cramps but I did get heartburn and gas which went on for about 6 months, slowly getting better as time went on. I also realised my portion size was too big. I lowered it from 120g to 90g and that helped a lot. Now I get no side effects.

What is your current portion size?

For breakfast I have 1.75 scoops and for lunch I have 2.75 scoops. I’ve found that to be a good amount to keep me satiated. I was drinking it pretty thick based on my own preference but I’ve thinned it out as much as possible. Also I’ve started adding coffee, cinnamon and nutmeg.