Stomach cramps, bloating and constipation

Hi All

I’m on my 5th day of having Huel twice a day. I’m having the granola for breakfast, 2 scoops of new and improved vanilla for lunch and a healthy vegan dinner.

I love Huel and how convenient it is but its left me constipated, bloated and with painful stomach cramps.

I’m sure it’s just down to a change in diet so i’m happy to persevere with it but i wondered if anyone else has had the same problems and how long it took for them to settle down or if they settle down at all?

I really don’t want to have to stop using it.


Maybe reduce to 1 portion of Huel a day, whether that’s the granola or the shake at lunch, for a week or 2? See if things improve during that time then move back up to 2 portions a day as you are now? Might be worth a thought.

Also, are you drink plenty of water e.g. 2+ litres a day, more if you are exercising?

Try cutting your current Huel intake and slowly reintroducing it e.g. drop to 1 shake a day for a week, +1 shake every other day for another week, then back to 2 shakes a day the week after that.

I also found increasing my fluid uptake helpful when my fibre consumption increased.

Its my first weeknoh Huel ( New Vanilla ). It certainly makes you feel full however im feeling some bloating and constapation .
Is thjs normal
Im having 3 scoop breakfast and 3 scoop lunch with a normal healthy meal in the evening
My aim here is weight loss ( i ride lots ).
Happy to keep going but just hope the bloating reduces over time .


hi there! In constipation, its also good to try probiotics, it will not just relieve your constipation but also adds good bacteria and fight the bad ones and help digesting foods in your stomach.

Yes, stomach issues seem to be normal for some.

For some they alleviate, for others they remain forever!

Have the Huel guffs kicked in yet?

I had problems too with excessive bloating (more than normal, I usually have it but not that much). It really helped me doing a week of small dose (1 scoop per day) to adjust. Now I do 3 scoops a day, some times even more (like 1 extra scoop in the other meal if instead of side dish if I’m reeeeeally lazy) and basically no problems at all. As soon as I get Granola, I’ll do also breakfasts. :slight_smile: Good luck!

I started having two shakes per day and started with stomach pain and wind.
I am wondering if this could be due to the thinkeners that are in the shake? I looked online and Guar Gum can cause stomach problems and wind.

It can also depend on what your diet was like beforehand. If you have gone from a diet low in fibre to Huel which is quite high in fibre, your system may need some time to adjust.

As @Wendy_Shepherd has mentioned, Huel staff have said previously the gas/bloating when starting is due to the fibre content in Huel being high and a lot of people come from a low fibre diet.

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I’ve done lots of decent diets and shakes in the past and never had anything like this. I’ve had wind before when having high protein but never pain. I struggle to believe that the pains are because it’s high in fibre. If I was getting constipated and bloating pains maybe.
I think a closer look at some of the thinkeners are required as it’s more than just me who has had this issue.

With that sort of problem or you could start a spoof TV show “Stricky’s Bum Dancing”.

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What thickeners are used in Huel?

xanthan and guar gums