Stomach cramps and busy toilet action

So I started using Huel last week, to replace breakfast and lunch with no plans to completely replace all meals. I found two scoops each time to be the right amount for me and has certainly filled me and taken away by insatiable desire to snack and generally overeat in the daytime. However, three out of the five evening meals i have had (nothing out of the ordinary for a vegan of 16yrs) have been swiftly followed by quite severe stomach cramps and many visits to the toilet, where abominations of the bowel have been committed, to put it politely. Am I just ‘getting used to it’? or could this be something more serious…there’s nothing in Huel im allergic to and anyway it goes down fine in the daytime, its only when i go back to a ‘normal’ evening meal the pain and shame comes. Anyway else experienced this? Is this normal? Do i just wait it out? Please help as my toilet is giving me filthy looks, and we’ve always got on great before…

I know many people recommend a phasing in stage of Huel.

Typically, a vegan diet is carb heavy - was this the case for you? The higher levels of protein (30% is a hike even for some meat eaters!) can take some getting used to I hear. I never have experienced this myself, but then I was a high protein consumer when I switched to Huel.

Perhaps try just breakfast for a while, then move to breakfast and lunch?

My diet was carb heavy as a vegetarian. I started with a similair regimen as your own and it took about two weeks to settle down.

Sorry to hear about the cramping etc. It seems strange that the problems come after eating a whole food meal. Definitely cut down the amount of Huel and seem how you get along. With all significant dietary changes there will be changes and a reaction from your gut, the same applies to Huel.

Started huel a few weeks ago and have generally enjoyed it, right up until a week ago. I’m suffering the exact same symptoms as you. The huel shakes are fine but within an hour of eating a solid meal I’m doubled over in pain and looking for the toilet. The pain for me is the same as that horrible pain a man gets when he takes a blow to the love spuds. Did you get to the bottom of it? Did it go away? If this doesn’t stop then I’m gonna have to quit the huel.

How many times of day were you previously and are you now openeing your bowels?

How are your stools formed?

Are the cramps just in the evening? Are you fine the rest of the day?

Are you drinking plenty of fluid?

Just to add my own experience - I’d previously used Huel (end of last year), and decided to start using it again. Since I last used it, the formulation must have changed (possibly when the bag changed?), as I now react differently.

Huel previously only had positive effects - more energy, less tired - but now that effect seems to be diminished, and I’m experiencing mild digestive problems (as described, though not to the same degree). It is worth noting I get diarrhea really easily so I’m pretty much used to it - it also makes it hard to determine a cause.

Right now I’m just putting it down to the shock of going from a terrible diet to a decent one, but I’ll see how the next few weeks go (have started using Huel again <2 weeks ago).

Hi Guys

I used to get IBS really badly, especially just after eating. Now I am 100% Huel with a small addition of Psyllium Husk powder added into my breakfast Huel. I have to say that things are going fantastic with it.

I no longer have to worry about rushing off to the toilet with painful stomach cramps!

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