I'm not feeling good

It’s my third day on huel I’m trying to replace all my meals or at least most of them . I like the taste and it’s easy to make. the problem is today I’ve just had diarrhea. Probably the worst I’ve ever experienced, severe stomach pain, liquid poo and vomiting . I’ve got to go work in a couple of hours and I don’t know if I can make it. I looked online and apparently it’s normal it’s because of a change in diet and if you stick with it your body will adjust and it will be fine.
Can anyone here confirm is this normal (the stomach pain part in particular) how long does it take for my body to adjust? I’m not sure I can stick with huel if this is what is does to me.

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You should start from replacing 1 meal a day with Huel, then your body will adjust smoothly.


Your digestive system is like a production line. For years it’s been using your normal diet to make televisions, and it’s very good at it.

You just dumped a pile of unusual components down and screamed “we’re making lawnmowers from today!” and your staff is trying to learn how to build lawnmowers but the lines are moving faster than they can cope with.

What you should do is just give them a few new components so Karen and Larry can practice making lawnmowers and train up the others.


Ugh don’t ask Larry he’s useless

Seriously though OP I’m sorry you’re having a rough time but it says it right there on the bag


Thanks for the advice everyone. I wasn’t expecting something like a diet change to such an effect on my body. I just thought “huel is healthy. If I drink it I’ll be healthy.” I’ll be sure to give Larry some time to adjust to his new job.

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The stomach pains can be caused by adding too much fibre too fast in your diet. Work your way up with Huel so the natural bacteria in your digestive system to adjust to the changes in your diet. The toilet troubles are pretty common in the beginning, I also remember having a bit of vomiting/nausea at first but all those symptoms subsided soon enough. Hope you get past it soon.

To be fair to huel they told me multiple times on the website and booklet they gave me that although it is possible to live off huel most people don’t and it’s not wise to go 100% straight away. But I thought how bad could it be? And after the first couple of days I thought IM INVINCIBLE! THE HUEL TEAM DONT KNOW WHAT THEYRE TALKING ABOUT! I was wrong.


Hahaha brilliant! Hope you’re starting to feel better. Your body will definitely adjust eventually