Feeling better or not?

Hi there, do you feel better after a Huel meal instead of a normal meal?

With version 2.3 I had a strange feeling in my throat and stumac. And to be honest, I couldn’t take a normal shit anymore.

I really would like to know what your experiences are

I feel the same regardless of what meal I have eaten. Are you a new Huel user?

Hi Joey. Huel made me more farty when I first started but that was caused by the extra fibre and my gut bacteria settling down. Drinking plenty of water is highly advisable. Are you drinking enough?

A Huel meal for me is usually fewer calories (500) than a normal meal so I normally feel much lighter. My throat is ten times better than if I’ve had a burger. And my shits are great, in more ways than one.


When I started my stomach needed to adjust first, but now I have less stomach & throat, gut pains.

And what @Bee said a bit more farty in the beginning. I needed to learn to drink more water. When it’s summer it’s easy but 's winters I don’t drink near enough.

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Haha thanks all for your very enlightening reactions. I think i just need to drink more I guess.

I was using Huel last year on and of and want to start again with v3. I think its important to adjust to Huel slowly.

When I started I thought I’m going 100% Huel for a month to lose the first weight fast. Even though I read all about starting with one replacement a day. I did a shake diet before, so thought it wouldn’t matter. Well, I found out my stomach wasn’t to happy about it. So I went from 3 meals of Huel to 1 and after a week or two to 2 meals. And today I start 100% Huel.

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Huel adjustments include all variety of pooping issues for people, from not pooping (more fluids!) to the silent slithering submarine. Farts, lots of them. I now have the added joy of record breaking stench and longevity from sucralose. Unflavoured and unsweetened for me from now on.

I’ve been on 2 Huel shakes a day (weekdays only) for around 18 months. My stomach took around 2 weeks to adjust but is now fine and regular. I’m now having v3 for breakfast and Black for lunch (following a lunchtime gym session).

I find now that if I don’t have a Huel for lunch and instead go back to my old eating habits (a Greggs’ or Sainsbury’s meal deal: sandwich, crisps, juice and a sweet treat such as a doughnut or cookie) then my stomach really doesn’t like it. I’m pretty sure it’s the wheat that my stomach doesn’t like.

I’m, 52. I’ve found as I get older food has really become fuel. Or even a hindrance. Especially when trying to cut calories. I feel so much better if I have a decent run of quality food. And I feel crappy both physically and mentally if I eat starchy low nutrient food.
The problem is keeping up. The fresh food goes off or runs out. But the bread is always in the freezer. Now with Huel I feel like I’ve eaten super healthy food every day. Much more energy and much less acid indegestion