Day one of huel and feel weird all day

Hello I need help please. Want to get healthy and try and lose some fat. I have replaced my breakfast with huel 2 scoops gf with added blueberries for taste as my brother suggested. I have IBS which is why I’m not surprised I have a gassy tummy from it. I felt great after drinking it I felt fuller for longer and had more energy than normal but when it came to lunch time I ate a small amount of soup and felt really weird during and couldn’t finish the soup. I have been known to be over susceptible to things in the past. I can’t even take the recommended dosage of codeine for example as I will feel high from it. So ever since lunch I’ve felt weird. It’s hard to explain and I’m slightly worried. I don’t know whether to have it again tomorrow for breakfast or wait until I feel normal again because I don’t want to overdose myself and make myself feel worse. The only way I can explain it is a feel of rushing, juttering slightly and slight high heart plus rating. Can I have just one scoop? Or are these feelings normal and should I carry on? Oh I’m 27 5ft3 and weight just under 8 stone. Since becoming a vegetarian last year I’ve just become untoned for some reason and have acquired fat/flab. My thought in having huel would be to gain the much needed nutriance that I need.

Too many calories and not enough exercise to maintain the muscular presence underneath. The fat layer increases ever so slightly and you see yourself as untoned.

“Tone” is just a term used by gals mags etc to exploit you into thinking you’re doing something wrong other than eating too much and exercising too little.

I wouldn’t worry about overdosing on Huel, it’s kind of impossible to overdose on some crushed oats, pea protein and multi vitamin.

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Good Morning,

That sucks. Huel is meant to be low FODMAP, so in theory it should not be so bad for your IBS. But it is not great if you are still having adverse symptoms.

Regarding to this, I would wait to feel OK and try Huel again. Why? Because, if you take it while you are not feeling right, 1) It could worsen your symptoms and 2) You cannot really know if it is Huel what triggered.

If the same thing happens the next time, it might be that there is an ingredient that is not suiting you very well, rare, but it could happen. That would be a bummer.

There are other shakes out there, and some are hypoallergergenic or really stomach friendly. But Huel is one of the best brands, no doubt.

What flavour did you use?

I need to agree with @GTIPuG on this one. Being toned is due to the stiffened muscles because you have worked them out. Plus being lean enough to see that. I would try to make sure I exercise enough and keep my diet at bay.
But if you want to be toned you will need to workout/exercise.

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So you felt great after the Huel, then you felt weird after eating soup and you think somehow the Huel is to blame? How does that work? i feel like I’m missing something here…

Thank you so much for replying all of you. For exercise I do do on a regular basis and my job is a pretty physical one which also involves me standing up and walking all day pretty much. I guess I just need to have a better planned exercise routine that aims on areas of concern. What I ate for lunch yesterday is something I eat on the regular this soup is from a healthy brand which has never upset me before which is why I believe it is the huel as that was the only thing different to my diet yesterday. Which is really unfortunate. After having a disturbed sleep last night and still feeling weird this morning I am going to take your advice and wait to have huel again once I feel better. I just wonder if the amount was too much for me which is why I may just try one scoop next time to ease myself into the huel. Fingers crossed because I’d really like to use this product as I know so many people with good results. I was so so excited to be trying this let’s hope I’m excited once again in the near future. Thanks again for everyone’s help o really appreciate it.

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Oh and I used the new vanilla flavour gluten free.

It is a good idea to ease into it. Having said that, I didn’t really (because I liked it so much) and I was fine. I could handle the minor digestive issues because other food was generally no better in that respect. Looking at my earlier comment, perhaps “blame” was too harsh a word, sorry :wink:

That’s ok it’s just a shame because like you I know so many people that are on it or used it in the past and had great results and felt absolutely fine on it I just wish that were the case for me. Il just have to wait and see.

Good luck :slightly_smiling_face::crossed_fingers:

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Maybe try Huel for breakfast and lunch instead of the soup? Just have fruit in between and you’ll be fine also drink plenty of water! :slight_smile:️ I felt weird on the first day but I dived straight into a bfast,lunch and dinner for Huel, so I changed it to just bfast and lunch and feel great.