1 month in for an IBS sufferer


Hi All

After reading some frankly hilarious accounts of the effects of Huel on new users (thanks for the honesty guys!) I decided to bite the bullet and try it… as someone who is a lifelong IBS sufferer, generally leaning towards IBS-D, most of the ‘non standard bathroom experiences’ seemed pretty normal to me so I figured how bad could it get really?!

The answer was a pleasant surprise… actually loads better! I did introduce it very slowly to be fair, initially with 2 scoops for breakfast and then normal meals. This had only positive effects on my IBS and I was quite shocked to find I wasn’t getting bored, I’m using the v2.3 gluten free vanilla with a bit of cinnamon and its becoming as familiar as a nice morning coffee now.

I did try replacing my lunch a couple of times too, but weirdly found that after 2 scoops for breakfast and 3 scoops for lunch, my appetite kind of died for a couple of days both times so maybe that’s just a bit much for me. No nasty side effects on the IBS front, I just didn’t want to eat much of anything for the rest of the day or the day after.

I’m now pretty much settled into having 2 scoops for breakfast and a 1 scoop snack in the afternoon, along with a normal lunch and dinner and so far I’ve found it to be really helpful. My IBS is generally much more settled and I feel a lot more confident knowing that I’m starting the day with a good balanced meal. I just prep the night before and grab and go in the morning which is spot on. The fact that its low fodmap means that even if I have a flare up and need to go back to basics for a little while, I know I can keep up with my routine so thanks for that!

The only thing I’m really struggling with is working out how often my subscription order will need to be if I’m only sticking to 3 scoops a day! :roll_eyes:

Hope this helps if any other IBS sufferers are on the fence about trying it! x


Hi Lindsey :grinning: I too have IBS and Huel has helped me tremendously. I have Huel for two of my meals, occasionally three, mostly for breakfast and lunch. Good to hear it is helping you too. You can always adjust your subscription delivery dates according to how it is spinning out. I like to have a few bags in stock so I know I’m not going to run out and I can do 100% Huel whenever I want. Unopened, Huel powder has a best by date of 12 months, so no worries there.


Do you think I need the gluten-free version as an IBS sufferer? Or is the standard ok? Glad to hear it’s ok for you!


Hi Alex

I guess it would depend on how you’re affected generally. Tbh I’m not gluten intolerant but I find wheat messes with me so I’ve been sticking to GF out of habit just to keep that down. I’ve also read quite a lot on the site since I bought that batch and I’m seriously considering switching to just the normal version for my next batch as it appears that’s pretty much GF anyway.

If you have a genuine gluten issue though they recommend sticking to the GF version and for the sake of a few quid i’d say its better to be sure about it.

Hope it works ok for you anyway, just give your body a little time to adjust and take it slow in the beginning! Tbh I’m finding my cravings have pretty much gone and my appetite is much better and more consistant… I’m guessing because I’m finally getting some decent nutrients in my system!

Good luck :slight_smile:


Great thank you. I have gone gluten-free for my first batch, will try my mate’s gluten one for a shake to see how that feels and maybe switch, it saves a fiver. :slight_smile:


This is such good news! My first shipment arrived today and I’m going to replace lunch with it tomorrow. I too have IBS (usually the D as well) and the only thing that really works for me is low FODMAP food which is really difficult and time consuming! Fingers crossed it works as well for me :crossed_fingers: