Huel v 3.0 and IBS

I am suffering from IBS for years already and I am constantly looking for ways to improve life quality. I was using Huel 2.3 for over 6 months (sometimes more, sometimes less) but my body could never really adjust to it. I always felt bloated and had many other issues (don’t want to go into details). I also have problems on almost every other diet too. However, Huel 3.0 seems to work great for me. It is actually the first thing I found in over 5 years that seems to suit my digestive system. I hope it continues to work for the body but for the moment I can’t even tell how happy I am and how much it improves my life. So I can strongly recommend trying Huel 3.0 to all the people who are suffering from IBS and could not adjust to the 2.3 powder. I love Huel.


That’s so great to hear. Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your experience with Huel. IBS and similar conditions are so difficult to manage, and although not everyone gets on with Huel, we love hearing when we can help. Keep us posted and let us know if there is anything we can help with!

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I have to chirp in on this one. Early days yet on V3
for a definite response but my pooping seems to have improved and my stomach less bloated. Early days but time will tell but so far I am impressed with V3.


After 4 month on Huel 3.0 and occasionally some black edition it still works great for me. I drink 2-4 servings per day, depending on how much other food I eat. I also think it benefited my general digestion of other foods and brought some regularity to it. I highly recommend it to anyone with similar issues. My life quality has improved significantly over the last few month even though I still need to be careful with other foods of course.

Just wanted to let you know!


Thanks so much for the message. So you have IBS? So pleased that Huel has been able to help you out.

Unfortunately yes. Or maybe that’s just what they say when they don’t find anything else. But I went to many doctors as I have symptoms already since I went to school and there was no other diagnosis. Anyway, thanks for this great product. Can’t imagine my daily life without Huel anymore.


I am suffering from IBS diarrhoea from past 5-6 years. I have stopped fibre intake from food and have moved to psyllium husk, this have improved my IBS to some extent.
I want to know should I try Huel and will it be good for my IBS diarrhoea condition?, will it reduce or stop diarrhoea?

If the reports in this thread are anything to go by it would suggest though. IBS and Huel seems to be very personal, and not everyone has the same experience. I would suggest starting small and building up your Huel. It’s worth noting that although Huel Powder contains no FODMAPs, our RTD and Bars are not low FODMAP.

We have a guest article on IBS here written by a dietitian specialising in digestive health.