IBS experiences with Huel

I have IBS and most foods seem to set it off. I was wondering if anyone experience less IBS outbreaks since switching to Huel?

Try the search function. Besides three other threads devoted solely to IBS, there are approximately 10 other threads where people mention their IBS/Huel experiences, plus the pinned (always at top) thread Before you post, has your question already been answered?

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Sorry didn’t know it was a crime asking a question. Huel linked me to a thread before buying it but there was 4 responses, if you cannot post something helpful please don’t respond.


couple of links below if it’s a help.

On a personal note I was diagnosed IBS in '94 when it was pretty much a broad-brush term and I suspect mine was stress related. I have not suffered for some time (touching wood as I type) and certainly nothing whilst on Huel.

All the best.


My response was very helpful. I directed you to a wealth of information. Don’t be snarky, or misinterpret my tone. If you cannot post something nice please don’t respond. Be friendly; it is contagious. :wink:

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@Izrador Don’t worry about it. Please don’t let Ric scare you off. Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

It’s just that as this forum is starting to get popular, we’re trying to avoid having many separate threads all for the same topics. Asking questions is no problem, it’s just best to get into the habit of searching first.[quote=“Izrador, post:3, topic:2611”]
if you cannot post something helpful please don’t respond.

He did post something helpful. He posted a link to the FAQ which has lots of information, including about IBS. But I can understand how you may have thought he was being a unwelcoming.

Is there an echo in here?

You’re looking lovely today, Ric. Is that a new outfit? :smiley:


Thank you for this. Mine is stress and food related. I am not 100% sure of all the foods which are triggering it sadly. Glad yours hasn’t played up.

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Sorry I’ve been having a bad week :stuck_out_tongue: I am normally less grumpy (after coffee) lol

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I have IBS, which (in the last year) has completely dominated my life. Some days it just seemed easier not to eat at all than have to put up with the problems. I’m awaiting a Sehcat scan to find out what’s going on with my bile acid. I’m also being referred to a nutritionist for an exclusion diet. In the meantime, I’ve switched completely to Huel, as this is the only way I can guarantee that I can go out without accidents and still meet all my nutritional needs.