IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)

Hi, heard item on R4 ‘You & Yours’ and have placed an order (despite name like Gruel and sounds like spewing!). I’m sure you have to be careful not to make medical claims but can you say anything about IBS? What is the fibre from? It’s not a major problem but I’m definitely better without bread and milk.

Don’t want to sound rude but the website could do with typo proof reading! Many thanks, Rob.

Hi Rob,

Thank you for the question and the feedback. Are there any pages in particular you saw some typos on?

@JamesCollier will be able to answer your question about IBS, he worked in the NHS for 7 years as a Clinical Dietician.

Most of the fibre is from the oat and flaxseed in Huel.



Hi Rob

IBS is a broad diagnosis that is really undefined. It can present with different symtoms and this is the problem. It could be due to intolerance of foods.

Have a read more here:

The fibre is from the oats and flaxseeds and is a combination of soluble and insoluble fibres.

Unless your IBS is exasserbated by any of the ingredients in Huel, Huel would be either neutral or advantageous to IBS. Ensure you consume plenty of water.

Thanks for replies. Re delivery: Interlink email 15/7 - parcel not with them yet, could you give an idea when delivery may be and how much notice I will have so I can be in? Collection not available at my local shops, with no car even a five min walk is prob too far for 2 week order (are there weight/size limits for collect?) Thanks, Rob

Hi Rob, sorry for the delay. Your order will arrive tomorrow at the latest.

Confirm arrived in the 1 hr time slot given by Interlink and too heavy to carry any distance. On ‘How to Use’ page a grams to Calories chart would be useful, no info currently. Only made one serving so far but getting a smooth mix by shaking alone is very difficult, a hand held electric whisk/blender would be better.

Tastes OK but will need some added flavour, might try a dash of Olive Oil and reduce the grams. Presume your supplier uses cold milling but what about Oxidation - think ordinary flour is treated with a preservative. Once opened how long can a pack be kept? I’d suggest 14 days, longer sealed and in the fridge.

Hi Rob,

Thank you for the comments, very interesting.

I’ve just added a chart as requested, see here “Step 3” on this page: http://huel.me/pages/how-to-use-huel - is that what you wanted?

I will look into the other issues for you.

Thanks Julian,

Yes that’s very helpful, might also put “10g = 40 Calories”.

I see antioxidants listed in the nutritional info, have tests been done to check actual levels over time particularly in open packs? Powder obviously has a large surface area for oxidation to deplete levels, suspect many ‘experts’ (a joke says ex = past it, spert = drip under pressure!) might say there’s no substitute for “Five (some say 7) a day”.


Hi Pal, I suffer with IBS and I’ve had 0 problems with Huel thus far! (3 days on)

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Thanks Martin, yes very good after 4 days though I’m still learning and increasing the amount, think the fibre helps. All positive so far.

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That is great to hear @Martin_Crutchley

Excellent news @robgib, yes a slow build up is sensible.

@robgib we do need to do some oxidation testing.

Right, maybe add more Vit C - seen suggested benefits for 10g + antioxidant, maybe not that much and I would be happy to pay a bit extra. Would there be any gain from coarser milling, less oxidation and lower cost for a more porridge like result. Would also like a less sweet more savoury taste.

You could try adding Psyllium?

While mega doses of vit C may be welcomed in pseudoscience circles, it’s frowned upon by many as there’s no epidemiology to back it up.

Psyllium is great, but there are side effects which make me cautious of including it

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Happy to read your opinion about Psyllium. I read some people are allergic to psyllium, and others develop sensibility after repeated exposure to psyllium. I definitely feel safer.

Have to report IBS is more of a problem, hoping it’s transitional. Years ago I read a lot around nutrition and tried Vitamin etc supplements, I’m no expert but my concerns are how much does oxidation reduce levels of A, C & E over time and is there a risk of the oil content going rancid. For shelf life what is known about the age and quality of raw ingredients (and possible pesticide residues), how well absorbed are the minerals likely to be? I did learn that individual metabolism and absorption vary greatly so guideline amounts can’t be relied on absolutely so the concept of human fuel like petrol is questionable (except petrol can go stale!)

As few people are likely to go totally Huel it might be better to describe it as “meal replacement as part of a balanced diet including 5+ fresh veg & fruit a day”. Now there’s space I store all packs.in the fridge, mix with a small whisk and drink immediately - may be overcautious but I am so concerned that unless you can reassure me I’m unlikely to continue.

Sorry to hear that your IBS is more of a problem. I have a few questions:

  1. What are your IBS symtoms?
  2. How long have you suffered?
  3. Have you saught medical advice before?
  4. Has other pathology been ruled out?

Levels of antioxident vitamins will have minimal reduction.

Mineral absorption will be akin to that of normal food.

Sorry, I’m not 100% clear on what you’re asking and want reassurance on. Please clarify so I can respond.


Thanks James,

  1. Stop/start one extreme to the other with no warning.
  2. 40+ years, possibly from childhood.
  3. Diagnosed ~30 years ago, no ongoing treatment.
  4. Barium X-ray & endoscope found nothing else.

It could be simply low CNS 'energy, I have long periods of no energy described as depression but which i’m sure is physical, maybe faulty digestion due to lot of Penicillin (allergic)/ antibiotics from a young age.

Sounds odd but I’m getting some sort of food intolerance reaction (oats, peas, rice not a problem before) fogging my brain and making me drowsy so sorry if I’m not making a lot of sense but will have to stop Huel anyway. Really had high hopes so very disappointing, wish you all good luck.