Stocked for One Month - Now Some Questions :)

Hi Huel’ers!

So, after two months of deliberating, I took the plunge and starting today with my first batch of Huel Vanilla. For those yet to do this, the contents in a one month supply box is immense and rather heavy, you certainly get your money’s worth, which was one of my concerns. The taste of the vanilla is perfect, infact I’d say that ver 1.3 could be even less sweet than the original 1.1 (so I read for 1.1->1.2).

I do have some questions though:

  1. I suffer from IBS, and read in the intro pack that this may cause irregular bowel movements. Would you recommend the continued use of IBS tablets while taking Huel?

  2. I’m using a Fitbit Surge and religiously log everything in the Fitbit Dashboard. Now, my target calorie intake is around 3 scoops (114g) 3 times a day, so I’ve attempted to adapt the nutritional facts in line with this. Could you please check my calculations to ensure that I’m using the right data (publicly available I think) in Fitbit? Hosting my calcs in Google Sheets.

  3. Somewhat related to the above, Fitbit is asking for the measurements of Cholesterol per 114g serving. I’m no nutritionalist, but is this even a valid question, and if so what would it be in mg? For context you can see my submission on Fitbit. It also asks for total calories from fat, so quite specific, that I was unable to specify too.

  4. How accurate are the cup measurements (3 scoops for 114g, for example)? I read in the intro pack it’s best to weigh, but do we know how closer match they are on average?

  5. As I read in another topic here, lumps in the shaker are apparent after extensive shaking, I will certainly try removing the grid next time to see if that really works best. But my question here is whether it’s critical to digest every lump given the density of nutrients in ratio to quantity, or whether a few lumps down the drain per use is within limits?

I’d also advise when making your first order to go up one size, as they’re right, they really are fitted. I’m usually a medium, but large would fit me well. I also see a thread where someone after one month suggests the contrary, so thoroughly look forward to that being the case in 30 days! :smiley:

Great work guys, really looking forward to doing this!

Nathan (lazy food muncher)

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Hey Nathan,

I’m not James so I can’t comment on the IBS, However, on the website it says:

“Inflammatory bowel disease - if you suffer from Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis or proctitis, we suggest you consult your doctor before using Huel. If you are experiencing a flare-up, we advise you not to use Huel. However, if you’re in remission, Huel may actually be beneficial.”

From your calculations, they look right. I’d have to check them individually to be sure, which I can do if you’d like, but I worked out a similar amount and they look to be in line with that.

The reason we don’t list cholesterol is because there is no traceable cholesterol levels in Huel. So it would be 0mg!

The problem with the scoops, is it’s very difficult to get them completely full, with no air pockets or anything inside them which would change the amounts. They’re reasonably close, but if you want certainty, I’d definitely recommend weighing the amounts.

Regarding leaving out the lumps, it’s up to you what you do with them. But any Huel left behind is calories/nutrients left behind too. If you can, it’s best to blend Huel. Really a big difference from the usual Huel I find, although it’s not at all bad unblended.

What is your IBS tablet? Is it prescribed?

Cholesterol ingested from food isn’t relevent.

Most appreciated @Gulliver and @JamesCollier!

Regarding the IBS, I don’t see it as such a large problem to regularly visit the doctor, so I self-prescribe Buscopan IBS Relief. I’m using it more than usual given that my 2 does of Huel a day at present is causing my stomach to expand to its limit. I’ve never been so large, but at least I’m losing weight! :slightly_smiling:

Taking the IBS tablets is really up to you - there shouldn’t be an issue

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Dear LeBombardier,

I have taken a look at your calcs and I have to say they are incorrect.

You used a ratio of 1.4 to calculate the 114.00gr of HUEL and you have to use a 1.14 ratio.

So if 100 = x then 114 = 1.14x

Best regards

Hi James, sorry to drag this old thread up but I can’t seem to find an answer to:
Why would Huel be beneficial to someone who had a form of IBD who is in remission? My wife suffers from Ulcerative colitis but hasn’t had any flare ups since 2014. I am thoroughly enjoying Huel, my wife is very keen to try, but I just wondered whether you could comment on how it could be beneficial for her?

Many thanks,


Hi Dan

No worries, that’s what old threads are for.

Huel, due to it’s fibre profile, is ideal for someone with IBD in remission as it will improve/maintain good gut motility. However, due to changes in the gut microbiome, I would suggest she introduces Huel at 2 scoops per day for a few days, then increases by 1 scoop per day every few days, as tolerated until her desired intake.

I too am a UC sufferer since 2005, thankfully mostly in remission, so I can empathise. I include 9-12 scoops of Huel per day as well as other foods.