Just bought my first batch!

Hi Guys,

Bought my first lot of Vanilla GF Huel 3 days ago and I’m loving it so far. My usual diet is WFPB and GF, and I also FODMAP for good measure (I’m a pain in restaurants!). I have IBS and an occasional grumbling gallbladder due to a large stone. I am trying Huel as I think it may be gentle on my gut and also a few people on forums claim that a liquid diet can help with gallbladder flare ups.

I am usually quite a functional eater, I eat healthily on the whole but thought I’d give this a shot as it takes the fuss out of meal planning. I originally decided to do 2 meals of Huel (breakfast and lunch) and have one regular meal. However, what seems to have happened is that I am having 2 x 2 scoops (breakfast and lunch) and then a 3 scoop later, this is around 1050 cals and between I am having some fruit and raw veg. I am also flavouring my huel with a small handful of frozen berries or mango and it works a treat! (I use a blender).

I am not feeling hungry (fab), I am not getting my usual bloating (super fab) and so far I am not hankering for other food.

I am hoping to slowly lose some weight (I’ve been on the cal.net calculator and according to this I should lose 1ib a week.

Looking forward to sharing experiences and getting some top tips. xx


Welcome to the forum! Great to hear your feedback and that you’re getting on well so far. Be sure to keep updating us, it’s always fantastic to read everyone’s experiences with Huel.

The only thing I’d say to look out for is the calories in the fruit you’re blending into your Huel. It can add sneaky calories which can slow down your progress.

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I lost 10 kg with intermittent fasting and Huel. Check Brad Pilon’s eat-stop-eat book for that.

I too got an IBS diagnosis recently and been on the FODMAP diet but I recently discovered the work of Dr Albert Snow in the US and I would highly advise you to get in touch with him as the man is eminently sensible and the advice on GI system recovery worth considering.

I love my Huel too, both powder and bars!
Take care and pls contact me if you need more info on the above.


Hi, and thanks for the welcome. yeah, I’ve factored in the fruit; I pretty much just have a handful of frozen blueberries or mango. Loving it so far. I’m just recovering from a cold so I’ve been down to just one huel meal a day whilst I fill up on veg broth. I always want to eat more when I have a cough/cold!

Wow, well done Eugenia! How long did it take for that loss? I’m not in any rush to lose weight though - I figure slow and easy is healthier. As long as I’m going in the right direction, I’m happy.

I’m in the UK btw. I’ve not heard of Dr Snow, but will give him a google. I manage my IBS with diet alone, I take no medication for it. I’m pretty sure it’s linked to hormones/menstrual cycle so I’m not sure I could cure it completely. x

It took a few months and I haven’t looked back since. I just start eating at 11 am (Huel with some coconut water, kefir, berries and maybe a banana) and then get on with my day as normal.

Plenty of fluids before then - tea with milk or lately a lovely chicken broth protein drink with turmeric which is great for the gut (by ancient nutrition).

Lunch is light and I now have a huel bar say at 4 pm and later on some nuts, dinner as normal, a sweet treat later on and that’s it.

No stress about calories and food combinations and what have you. I hope even the Low FODMAP diet is temporary. I am in the U.K. too but spoke to Dr Snow via Skype earlier on this week. It is a one off fee and then free follow up until you heal. His ebook is free so feel free to have a look.

For the IBS issues I also take L-glutamine, quercetin, lactoferrin, probiotics, now colostrum too and some other vitamins/minerals.

In any case I am very grateful for Huel. It takes away the question of what to eat, it assures intake of all essential nutrients, it’s easy and quick to make and works out cheaper in the end than buying butter-smothered sandwiches (or worse).

I can absolutely guarantee you you will lose weight through fasting. Pls email me on:

And I will send you copies of the books and anything else I can think of that may be of use, also in terms of exercise if you want.

I am now 43 years old and I feel I look much better than even when I was in my 20s - it is definitely down to improved nutrition and some exercise (nothing extreme). And I am embarrassed to say it is only now I am learning how to cook, having relied on ready made meals for too long. Even if the organic and better quality ones…

Now I make my own stuff from scratch I have come to realise just how much rubbish we eat so no wonder our bodies are well-fed but fed up with being malnourished in the end… in that regard I consider IBS a blessing in disguise.

All the best and pls do not hesitate to contact me. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found so many useful resources online (articles, scientific papers as well as great professionals) and it is an absolute pleasure to share my experiences if there is even the slightest chance they can put someone else on a useful path too.

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Fab result and I’m glad you are feeling better and reaping the rewards of better health.

Yes, sometimes it takes a health issue for us to kick start a new regime!

I’ve been a pretty healthy eater for a long time and don’t eat any processed food or sugar, I also cook all my meals from scratch. I also had to give up coffee as I found this didn’t help either. I’ve found that after eradicating my trigger foods (garlic, onion, some fruit) for a period of time that if I do eat them in small quantities I tolerate it. I think it’s just that if I over do it my gut goes WHOAAAH!

I’m over a week in and I’m finding that I don’t really look forward to Huel first thing of a morning, this may be because I’ve been full of a cough/cold and I fancy something more solid. It’s just handy to have Huel to fall back on. xx