Thank You Huel

Just wanted to say thank you for making healthy eating so easy! I am very lazy with my diet, don’t cook anything other than boil veg and was probably quite lacking in my diet before I started Huel.

I just realised I have been drinking Huel for about 6 months everyday now and it has pretty much stopped all my bowel disease symptoms! The way I drink Huel has changed a fair bit over the past few months, I went from flavouring every huel I drank with mocha flavouring to no putting any flavouring in it at all. I have also started attempting to lean towards intermittent fasting and Huel definitely helps curb any random hunger and stop any snacking. Also the Huel granola is so tasty, it almost has a salty vibe to it but I love it and usually add blueberries to it.

But yea mainly wanted to say thanks, I am not a morning person and being able to just grab a huel out the fridge and go back to bed with a coffee and a huel has sorted me out!

I do go on about huel a bit to my friends, but only because its so useful. One of my friends called me a Hueligan which was pretty funny XD

My weight is exactly the same as before I started Huel, but I wasn’t aiming to lose weight anyway. Overall I feel exactly the same really other than no IBD symptoms. I mainly find Huel a great utility for when I am out skateboarding and is brilliant as a meal at work. I always have the shaker, the bag of huel powder and water to mix it in my backpack now and never leave without it!

I was thinking I might record my experiences so far to camera, if I do I will share it here.


Hey Jake, thanks so much for the awesome feedback, can’t believe it’s been 6 months! The main thing here is that your symptoms have stopped - that’s amazing. We never intended for Huel to be some sort of miracle food in alleviating symptoms from complex conditions such as yours, we just wanted to make seriously nutritious and convenient food. It seems though that producing something like this goes hand in hand though.

We’ve loved your YT video reviews too, many have left me in hysterics particularly the Flavour Boost review and your reaction to Matcha Tea! Keep it up.

Thanks for being a Hueler/Hueligan, we hope to continue to produce awesome products for a long time to come!

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Hueligan :joy: love this

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