Huel a few months in ...a many pounds lighter

Like many on here i only found out about Huel while listening to the Jeremy Vine show,
Having had issues with weight since giving up sports(15 years ago) due to various injuries , Now 46, i needed something that was quick easy and would not leave me feeling starving .
Nearly three months in i can say its changed my life ,
At the start i tried mixing it up in a number of ways , but what works and tastes best for me is using 200ml of Almond milk with 3 scoops and a flavour boost and topping up with 370 ml of water ,blitz in a blender then leaving over night in the fridge.
Initially i made the mistake of drinking it down quickly , this gave me a banging headache and i felt hungry 2 hours later, now i take chugs every 15/30 mins and make one last half a day , no hunger issues at all, in fact some days i can get buy on just one bottle and still not feel hungry during the day, I then have a 500 calorie evening meal with my family .
I have gone from xxl to a large/ medium .
I must stress i am not using Huel as a diet , its a life style change , it allows me to eat out on weekends and drink beer without worrying about my weight ,
I find it works best during the working week, when i have structure in my day , i used to get so tired and wake up each morning with aches and pains in my body , now days most of those have gone .
There is always an element of will power required when making changes in life, but if im honest finding Huel was one of the best things that could have happened,
Any chance of a peanut butter flavour boost ?


Great story and love your practical approach to it. :+1:

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Great to hear how much it’s helped. Sometimes we need a wake up call to make important and large changes. Whilst it’s not always easy to stick with your change, try and draw upon how bad you used to feel before Huel if you find yourself slipping :slight_smile:
Good luck and I hope you continue to improve and grow

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Thats very good advice, because a while back i was away on a city break , with out Huel , so i ate like i used to , for the first 2 days no issue, but by the forth day i was feeling terrible, bloated , constantly on the toilet , trouble sleeping , the list was endless, :face_vomiting:
As soon as i returned and got back on the Huel , i felt great again and so did my body. :grinning:


In the meantime you can get flavdrops…which are pretty good. They have peanut butter and chocolate peanut butter: FlavDrops™ (Natural Flavouring) | MYPROTEIN™

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This is inspiring. I’m currently in XXL (I was in medium/large 3 year’s ago), so I hope I can replicate your success. I’m doing it full time for time because I need to seriously break up from food for a while so I can get some perspective about the junk I was eating.

Hi guys…
Great post! Day one back on Huel (replacing 2 meals) … I started with great intentions a while back but with travelling with work etc (and comfort eating which is my MAIN problem) I am back to starting weight! Must admit my training has gone to pot too so all in all feel crap!

So I have taken this idea of the almond milk plus water and it certainly makes it thicker … i allow a snack also ( as the coaches at crossfit want me to reach 2000cals)

Anyway less talk more action and only 14 weeks to xmas so good goal!

As always love this forum for support!

We got this!
K x

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Good luck!! I also know the pain of starting again!

I am aiming to lose about a stone by Christmas :slight_smile: we can do this!

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Hi Sarah_Susannah_Berni

Let’s be accountable to each other and check in each week?

I am going to get back in the gym today and work my ass off with both fitness and diet and then my ‘treat’ day (which won’t be extravagant by no means) will be a sat eve as that’s my ‘switch off’ night.

I have changed the Huel prep and add 200ml almond milk and rest water. Got this idea from a member on here and as you have to include more volume as in liquid it fills the shaker up more and I am going to start sipping it. I used Mocha and one Cacao.

The hunger pangs I will have to use will power as I know this will subside after a week. It will do me good really. I will have a healthy meal in evening.

Interested to know how you will incorporate Huel in your day and how you cope with hunger. I definitely think sipping through day helps and of course lots of water.

Here’s to a stone by December ( and what ever we lose up to xmas is a bonus! :smile:

Good luck!
K x

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Keep us posted !! :smile:

P.s are you exercising as well?

K x

That sounds good to me! When is your weigh in or accountability day? Mine is Saturday :slight_smile:

I like Huel with almond milk as well, it definitely makes it tastier! Good luck, let’s do this :muscle:t2:

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Yes Saturday mine too ( hence a small treat that night).

OK well we don’t have to tell each other our weights but even saying it makes me more determined lol!!

So weigh in yesterday 77.5kg ( I am 5ft 9) :roll_eyes::flushed::see_no_evil:

Goal 70 kg ( obviously not by xmas but at least we will make headway in 3 months) maybe I WILL lose it ha!

Ok here goes…

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Very good! Hmm works out so you are trying to go from 12 stone 2 to 11 stone, that’s a total of sixteen pounds. (I’m not good with kilograms, haha)

I think that’s quite achievable by Christmas actually! If for example we’re talking about losing 1 1/2 pounds a week. If a pound a week was the aim it might take slightly longer!

Let’s do this :slight_smile: my weigh in yesterday was 11 stone 13.8 pounds (that’s 76 kg), and I’m also 5 foot nine :slight_smile:

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Today has been bob on diet wise…

Its this time of evening when I must also get used to no more food ( comfort food).

But we now have goals and we have heard of people achieving on this… so lets GOOOOO!

(it may be as increase muscle mass the scale may not move drastically but i will be able to tell in my clothes :slight_smile:


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Hey there

How’s your week going?

Well mine so far so good! Been to gym and crossfit exercise wise and diet wise been good ( 2 3 scoop huel and 200 ml almond milk rest water) breakfast and lunch and a healthy tea ( however I have had to have healthy snacks in between but just counted in cals)
Will weigh Friday morning as away sat morning .

I must ask since back on it feel so much wide awake and energised do u find this?

I feel hopeful :grinning:

K xx

Well done, it sounds like you’re doing really well! Keep going :slight_smile:

Yes, I definitely feel better when I’m on the Huel. I put it down to not having blood sugar spikes, like when I’m eating my normal sugary diet :smile: I have actually been pretty much 100% Huel for the last seven days or so (apart from two days ago when I was bad), i’m really liking how easy it makes things especially as I’ve just started a new job and I’m really busy.

Good luck for the rest of the week :slight_smile:

Wow 100% !!

Do you have snacks or are you just not hungry?

Its only 11am and my stomach rumbling :see_no_evil:

Might be all my exercise …


Well, to be honest I think it helps that I have just started a new job over the last week! It definitely helps not having too much time on your hands to think about food :smile:

After about five days actually, I am finding I really crave normal food for at least one meal a day (dinnertime usually), so I think I’m gravitating more towards that: three Huel meals (of 500 cal each), and then a normal meal. The great thing of course is you can adjust the calories you take in with Huel so easily! I love it

Well done on the exercise front!

i got some flav drops from off this suggestion really worth while

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Excellent…glad they were a worthwhile purchase. :slight_smile: