Why I went Huel

So I’m in my fifth decade (meh) and I was working in the community as a support worker, a lot of driving around (my patch is deep rural) and odd hours. Mealtimes were out the window and my health was suffering, apparent to all except me! My weight had ballooned and I contracted an internal infection, this led to a hospital visit and several courses of antibiotics which wrecked my insides. I ended up out of work and in a poor old state.
In desperation I started a hunt for something I could keep down and keep in that wouldn’t cause the distress that “normal” food was having on me. I found the Huel site and decided to give it a go.
First things first, I’m not a big fan with just water, however I found with coconut/oat/almond milk the taste improves immeasurably.
Secondly and from my point way more important,my internals seem(touch wood) to have sorted themselves out I do have one very plain meal a day but the rest is all Huel.
As to side effects, I am losing weight slowly and mainly my energy levels are up.

So Huel Gang its a big thumbs up from me!


60+ on Huel for 18 months approx. Lost nearly 20kg and feel so much better for it.


Im glad to heat that! Could you tell what were you eating before in a daily basis?

I never have it with water. Always Almond milk or Coconut milk. I absolutely love the vanilla powder 2 scoops, Almond milk, a fresh banana and frozen cherries, blitzed in my bullet. I cant wait for my evening meal of this :slight_smile:

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I have been eating less Huel at work this week and I’ve really suffered. My energy levels are so low, getting out of bed has become really difficult again. I need more Huel! Back to normal on Monday :muscle:

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Rubbish grabbed on the go at stupid o’clock, from convenience stores et al. Bad I know, and now I have “seen the light” I can look back in wonder at my careless lack of self awareness, still c’est la vie!:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Wow, interesting to read…hopefully you’ll be back on it and feeling great again. I can totally relate tho…I’ve had a few wobbles in the past month.

Same here, but two weeks. I’ll be back to my normal routine in a few days so it’ll make it easier to get back to Huel I think. I always forget how the unhealthy lunches on non-Huel days make me feel sluggish.