Huel and IBD

I was recently diagnosed with IBD. Effectively this means I have a mix of Crohns and Ulcerative Colitis. Which makes it hard for me to digest certain foods and get nutrients from foods I can digest when it passes through my intestines.

Have any people with a similar diagnosis tried Huel? Any considerations?

Currently I mostly avoid fibre and green leafy veg.


Is that the dagnosis - both Crohn’s and colitis? Were you diagnosed one first and then the other?

Are you having a relapse of symptoms or are you in remission?

What treatment are you on?

I have Crohn’s disease (diagnosed for over 12 years) and am currently drinking 300g of Huel per day (Vanilla flavour at the moment).
It’s hard to tell if it’s helping or not. I am not taking any medication currently and have controlled the Crohn’s with diet up until this point.

One thing to note is that I have always had a hard time putting on weight but with Huel I am putting on weight easily, which is a good thing.

Feel free to ask me any questions.


Diagnosis was both, end of January so very recent. I’m on azathioprine to help my immune system and adalimumab as a pen injection.

Symptoms have reduced but some still exist but I think mostly diet related of which I’m still playing with.


I know the flare up can trigger differently in each person. How did you fix your diet? I’ve also struggled with weight gain and train in the gym a lot but a 5kg gain on huge amounts of food and I struggle. So far Huel hasn’t caused you issues? What were your main triggers? Mine for example can be fibre, eggs, coffee.

It’s quite rare to get both diagnosed at the same time, so I’m guessing quite a large part of your bowel is affected?

Huel could be used, but it’s not low residue, so if you’re looking for bowel rest, then try just one serving per day for now and up only after several days. When you’re asymptomatic, then you could use Huel with less concern.

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Thanks James

You understand my condition well, most of my intestines are affected.

I’ll give Huel a go, seems safe. I shall report back on this thread with my personal results once I start.


I suffer from Crohns disease - currently on Humira (though doesn’t seem to be working!).

I tried Huel as a way to get in extra calories during the day. Been trying to put weight on for quite a while, and weight lifting has helped a lot with that.

Whilst it’s going to be different for everyone, I can say that it didn’t seem to negatively affect me. Unsure as to whether it helped put any considerable weight on (I’ve been having powdered oats and whey protein shakes as well), but as it didn’t negatively affect me I continued with it, and about to order my second batch.

I think the main thing was that it helped to fill in the gaps between my morning meals, so that whenever it came to eating, I would always feel fairly full. I’m no pro so I can’t say for a fact that that would help to put weight on, but the logic works for me!

On a side note, a book that helped me with my diet for Crohns can be found here

Hope that helps!

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For anyone following this I’ve just received my first Huel pouch, vanilla flavoured. Sorry for the delay but due to work, finances and some minor stress I chose to wait.

I plan on starting today (when I’m at home and have a WC near by) and hopefully be taking it once a morning to start and see how it affects me. Happy to update my findings as I go.

Please remember my case may be different to others so can only comment on how it works with me.

Hopefully all will be well. Best of luck.

Huel is a success!

For a long time I would struggle with my commute and would have to use the train toilet or even toilets at Waterloo every 30 minutes.

Since taking Huel my digestion slows down. I sleep for longer. It has helped me and my case. As for the benefits on weight gain and muscle growth - that’ll have to wait until I’m training again and that may be a while :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone for your comments.


Great feedback - glad you’re doing well

I have colitis and am absolutely fine on huel.

However, it’s never been effected by diet so that probably helps.

I’ve had Crohn’s for over 25 years, and since surgery to remove part of my bowel I have used diet to control it as best I can.

I started using Huel 5 days ago, and have had a mixed experience so far. I am only using it for one meal a day so far, so too early to say if it will help me in the long term.

My rationale for trying Huel is to try and rest my gut some of the time, but if my Crohn’s symptoms don’t improve I may well have to stop using it. Increased levels of intestinal gas are my issue at the moment. Of course, it is difficult to say whether Huel is the cause at this point.

Next weekend I will be away and will take a break from Huel and see whether anything changes.

Good luck in managing your CC - check out crohns and colitis UK for information and support


I’m having a flare-up with Crohns currently and am using Huel for 2 meals and then a normal solid evening meal. Started 4 days ago and haven’t noticed a difference but know it may take weeks. I have a months supply so I will update at the end!

Just wanted to say nearly 5 years later I am still using Huel daily, and my Crohn”s is in remission for now.

Give it time and hopefully things will settle down

Good luck