IBD struggling

I am 26 year old, have been put in the undetermined category for crohns and ulcerative colitis, had symptoms for 3 year now, can’t really figure what’s causing flare ups , struggling with it all together really. I want to naturally control it and wondered if Huel products would help or not ?

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Hiya, I had a bowel condition too. One of the biggest things that helped me was changing what I ate, that and Immodium to slow me down :speak_no_evil: Huel has helped me loads but in the beginning made me very very windy and bloated but that settled. I know everyone is different but I hope this helps x

I have changed my diet completely have a very good one , I don’t have processed foods or dairy and just at a loss of what to try, I don’t want to be on the medication they want me to have however nothing else so far has helped.

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That’s brilliant :slight_smile: Might be worth a go

I had bowel problems before, and have problems after. Nothing I tried changed, even special (and expensive) probiotics, nor Huel. Luckily it’s nothing too bad, but I guess it might be also a stress thing, so I’m just accepting it. Anyway, others had improvements with Huel, so try it and see for yourself. :slight_smile:

I would also follow doctors “orders”, though, expecially if the issue is important.

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Thanks for the message. There’s a lot of people here that have used Huel to help their flare ups, be sure to use the search bar top right to find them all. Equally, many don’t find it helps - it seems to be a very personal thing. Let us know how you get along. Have you got yourself some Huel yet?

I have purchased the original and vanilla however they make me feel sick, not sure if it’s to sweet maybe, do you think it’s worth trying the unsweetened version ? Is there a sample I can get to try ? Thanks

Quite a few people mix Unflavoured with Vanilla 50/50. I thought Vanilla was too sweet, but the Unflavoured tones it down. You could try more than 50% Unflavoured if it’s still too sweet.

If you’re in relapse, you may need to moderate your Huel intake and certainly consume plenty of fluid. However, if you’re in remission, Huel may be really beneficial due to the fibre profile.