Colitis (inflammatory bowel disease)

Hey… I have IBD/colitis ulcerosa and I would like to know if anyone has some good experiences using Huel. I would like to use Huel 50-100% of my diet to see if it helps.

So is there anyone who has colitis and uses Huel with good results, no results or just bad results please let me hear from you.
Also did it better the condition in general?


I have IBD and found it beneficial but everyone is different.

start slow and see how it goes I’m on 4 scoops a day and a good meal

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Hi, I have ulcerative colitis but have been in remission for a good number of years. When I switched to Huel, I started with just one shake a day to see how it would settle. No issues at all and have been on Huel 3 times a day for over a year now with no problems.

As Linuxgeek says, everyone is different so if you want to give it a go, do it gradually. A sudden drastic change in diet could well trigger a flare, so one a day to adjust if you intend on using more.

My health has been so much better since the switch. I firmly believe my extended remission is a combination of cutting out many of my trigger foods (bagels was a random one) as well as getting down to a healthier weight.

If you are still concerned, check with your GP or IBD nurse if you have one appointed to you.


Hey Morten, welcome to the forum! I’m sorry to hear about your experience with IBD, there are plenty of Hueligans here who have used Huel alongside an IBD or UC diagnosis. Obviously everyone is different, but this is what James our Head of Sustainable Nutrition says:

Do have a search around the forum with the search bar up top, you’ll find some useful stuff. Below is a search for IBD and there are lots of hits.

Hope this helps!


I have Colitis in a constant flare up for over 7 years now. I am on xeljanz which was the last attempt before surgery and fortunately it has controlled the inflammation and I have normal function. I know its still there as sometime I feel it fighting back. Anyway thats just to let you know where I am medically.
I started Huel a couple of weeks ago, very nervous. Fibre had removed itself subconsciously from my diet, I was relying on quick in and quick out foods that left little for my lower intestines to think about.
The return of fibre brought with it a few challenges - a lot of farts - and obviously more work and pressure put on the colon.
But a week in it settled for me. I am doing huel Mon-Fri and back to biteable foods at weekend. I found as soon as my guts brain realised I had not gone to crazy, it became happy. If I get signs of inflammation to the point of it affecting my movements, then I might reduce huel due to the fibre if I get pain again. But everybodys body acts differently, especially with colitis. Garlic was my nemesis. And its amazing how many foods that hides in.
I feel a lot better after using huel. Not to be too gross, but the fibre seems to be like a scouring pad for the last bit of the bowel and I feel this diet could help remove the bacteria build ups that I believe add to the pains of UC.
I am just new hear so was not here when you posted so post in the hope it helps others who may be in the same boat. How are you getting on these days?


I have UC, the only diet that keeps me off of flareups is Huel dominant diet. Sadly due to financial reasons, I had to quit Huel a few weeks ago, and now I am back to flareup, I lost 10kg in a month. Can’t wait to be back, because life is miserable like this. So for me Huel is not just beneficial, but life-saving.


This is all a very interesting read…I tried Huel quite a while back as a supplement to my diet…it was all good but financially not poss all the time (back then)

I have only just come out of a 3 week stay in Hospital and come out confirmed colitis…back on the mend now but determined to (try) and not go back into a relapse…and these comments are looking helpful! I do realise that everyone is different and that colitis can be more specific than IBD but I’m still yet to sort things in detail with my nurse (still only just diagnosed/discharged!)

anyway, currently doing my own research and considering going back to huel…I loved the taste last time…cost to me now is irrelevent…if I find it works, then I’m gonna do it!

please, if anyone else has any experiences then let me know!..I’m only just starting this path (very painfully) but will do almost anything to stay healthy and in remission! (with medical guidance too obviously) but at current doing a bit of my own research and would love to hear others personal opinions/experiences!

thanks hueligans!

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just to add another quick ask to this…out of all the colitis sufferers here…is there anythings on the huel ‘menu’ that would be off limits? I obviously was only originally looking at the powder mix/drink but open to all colitis friendly diet items…just seeing the mac and cheese!..but i guess thats something to talk to my dieticien about?

again…very open to hearing others experience on this!

Hi @NNYz - welcome

Good to hear you’re now on the mend. You’re correct, UC can be specific and treatment can depend on which bit of the colon is affected. Sometimes it’s advised to follow a low fibre diet for the duration of a relapse, but have a high fibre (and fluid) intake during remission. But advice can vary. Were you given any info from the doctors or specialist nurses?

Huel products are high fibre so they can be beneficial when a good fibre intake is advised. When you do introduce fibre into your diet, I would introduce Huel slowly starting with one scoop per day for 2-3 days and then increasing gradually from there.

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yes…I am still yet to be given my IBD specialist and talk with a dieticien to have my specific needs addressed…but I’m obviously keen to find as much info as I can as I would prefer to not relapse quite so soon after being discharged! it’s a new thing for me…but I’ve had Huel before and really enjoyed it with no issues (it was a once a day - mid-morning thing for me back then and worked well) I will obvs chat with a professional before starting anything…info here was great to find others that it seems to be working well for tho!

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Tomato and Herb - If I eat that I have to tie myself to the bed so I don’t end up on the moon with the gasses it produces. I get the exact same reaction to it as I used to get from Italian bolognaise sauce. Mind you it is really handy if I have visitors I want to get rid of quickly.

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I’m still on the recovery steroids after discharge…so I’m dealing with a LOT of bloating! sadly no wind coming out tho…

so no huel for me…just yet