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Hi I have just joined the forum after my husband heard about Huel on the radio. I suffer from a condition called Ulcerative Colitis, (inflammatory Bowel disease). I also have Diabetes 2 and my sugars are quite high even though i take sitagliptin. I also need to lose some weight. Has anyone used Huel that suffers from IBD? Please could you tell me if it’s affected you and how? Would like to know before I start. Many thanks for reading.

Hi I don’t have your bowl prob but I am type 2 it works great for sugars iv been living at 20-30 for last year the only time come down when huel I have 100cals a time which is 25g huel with 750lm water I would get a tester pack and see what dos with bs and bowl good luck

Hi, I don’t have IBS myself, but I remember seeing several threads in this forum about it and how it relates to Huel. If you search the forum (a button near the top), you should find them. Good luck!

Hi Sarah, in case you didn’t mis-type, note that IBS and IBD are not the same thing. IBS is irritable bowel syndrome. Treatments differ, but some of the symptoms are shared.

I agree, search is your friend in finding other threads on this topic.

Hello, I wasn’t particularly aware of the difference between IBS and IBD before, so thank you for bringing that to my attention.

Hi Sarah many thanks for your reply and trying to help. I have IBD which is inflammatory bowel disease which is a chronic condition for which I take quite serious medication. Unfortunately I also have IBS which is often food related. Ve recently been recommended the FODMAP diet which has been mentioned within the Huel debate. I have ordered my first supply and I’m really excited and looking forward to trying and and hoping for a reduction in my blood pressure and sugar levels. I will look through the forum but am not quite used to the search but yer. Again thanks.

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No problem :slight_smile: I hope that Huel and the FODMAP diet will help you with your conditions, keep us posted.

I have IBS. My shits are still watery either way.
I also have hypoglycemic attacks if I skip meals or delay a meal. So instead of quickly cramming a chocolate bar, I’ll have some Huel. Would recommend it if you’re too lazy to make healthy snacks inbetween meals.

Will do and thanks.