Any fellow members with IBD?

I’ve got Crohn’s which is a form of Inflammatory bowel disease IBD

I was only drinking Huel during a flare as it was easy to digest and didn’t instantly trigger the trotts

This past month I continued after a flare up.having 2 meals of huel

It really seems to help me but this is just anecdotal it could equally be something I’m not doing because of consuming huel or pure random chance. Have no way to rule these out.

Is there any data on this ?

Hello, yeah I’ve got ulcerative proctitis. I find Huel is really helping.

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Yes I have IBD and after a partically bad flare up, my boyfriend did some research and recommended huel. It has improved my stomach so much, I only have 1 meal in the evening which I try to keep low fodmap. I did cheat 1 day and paid the price so at the moment I’m sticking to 2 huel shakes and 1 meal.

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Another Crohn’s sufferer here with a positive experiece of using Huel.

I find it best to avoid huel during a bad flare, but otherwise I consume it at least once a day

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Thanks I’m still on the 2 huel 1 meal kick

Cheated this Saturday had a day off huel and suffering for it today feeling really bloated and in pain