New user with Crohn's - loving Huel

I’ve been using Huel for a month or so, mainly just for breakfast, occasionally for lunch as well. I eat healthily, and am a keen cook, so no need for me to replace other meals (unless I’m super busy and haven’t had time to meal prep)… but breakfast has always been a problem - I am rushed off my feet in the mornings, and my choices have always been limited to cereal or toast (neither of which are great options for someone who chooses to avoid refined carbs), porridge (no good on a regular basis because I have Crohn’s disease) or fruit (which doesn’t fill me up at all, and my stomach starts growling an hour before lunch). Hence Huel!

I find it quite palatable, incredibly convenient, and just a couple of scoops keeps me filled up. I’ve contemplated buying the flavour pouches but honestly don’t see the point. I vary the flavour by adding either frozen berries (berry flavour!), instant coffee (coffee flavour!), a banana (banana flavour!) or peanut butter (peanut butter flavour!)


I have ulcerative Colitis and have been drinking Huel for a little while now. I think my diet was pretty terrible before but defo have more energy when I drink Huel. Doesn’t seem to have affected my bowel disease in anyway which is good!


I know this is an old post, but how has your experience been with Huel and Crohn’s? A friend of mine has Crohn’s and is struggling to eat, even with a prescribed diet. I’m on my third bag of Huel (no GI problems) and would gift her a bag if I thought it would help. Your thoughts appreciated.

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I have Crohn’s and have been using huel off and on for a few years now. I find that when I am in remission I can tolerate huel powder pretty well, but once I experience a flare, I find that I need to stop consuming it.

NB. This applies to a lot of foods, so is not unique to huel.

My “advice’ to your friend would be to give it a go. Start small replacing 1 meal a day and see how it goes. Allow a couple of weeks for the digestive system to adjust and then take a view on how it is going. Good luck