Help with Huel with Colitis

Hi guys!

Really happy and surprised to have come onto the forum and seen so many posts relating to IBD.

So I have recently been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. I had been taking a high dosage of my prescribed medicine (Asacol) to get it under control, but when I reduced the dosage as my doctor instructed it flared up again. So during a flare up I have to use the loo frequently and my body barely takes in any nutrients from the food I eat, however health it is, as it just passes through me so quickly which is really affecting me when I try to exercise as I feel as if I have no energy.

I am considering purchasing Huel to use during flare ups with the thinking that it may be more easily digested than food and will obviously contain all of the nutrients I require which will help me to maintain weight/energy etc.

Any help/opinions/advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hope to hear from some of you guys soon!

I don’t think Huel will be much use for this will it? I have a close friend with Colitis and the main thing she needs to avoid is fibre, something which is intentionally added in quite large amounts to Huel.

Ulcerative colitis is mentioned in the Cautions and Allergen Advice section of the nutrition page, the recommendation is to talk it over with your doctor first: