1 Year as 100% Hueler

As a sufferer of colitis my diet was limited and I had major concerns that I was not getting the nutrients that I should.

A friend introduced me to Huel and I started replacing breakfast & lunch. Within a fortnight I found that I wasn’t enjoying my evening meal, so I went 100%.

I find Huel is gentle on my tummy and I no longer suffer with any colitis symptoms. When I go out for a meal I do eat ‘normal’ veggie food. I treat myself to a bowl of crisps sometimes when I get home from work but all my meals, since July 16 are vanilla Huel.

I have an office job so 1200 calories is enough for me. I know I can have my crisps & a glass of wine and my calories will still be ok.

I use a blender in the evening to mix the following days meals; 1 litre water, 200 ml organic coconut milk (Rude Health), 300g Huel (1g = 4 cal). I split this into four meals (8am, 12noon, 4pm, 8pm)

I find it is smoother if blended & I prefer the taste if it has been sitting in the fridge overnight.

Finally…No Shopping, No Cooking, Minimul Washing Up.

Just thought I would share in case it helps those interested realise how simple & in some cases life changing Huel can be.


Great to hear stories like this.


Have you been using it for weight loss/gain as well? How have you found that side of things? :slight_smile:

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I did use for weight loss in beginning. Set my calorie intake so that I lost 1/2 lb - 1lb a week. I have now upped calories to maintain. If you weigh out your huel (1g = 4 cal) & track how much you burn it can’t fail. Eat 500 cals a week less than you burn & you will lose a 1 lb a week. Eat 500cals more than you burn & you will put on a 1 lb a week. I promise it has been easy. I lost just over a stone in 6 months.


I absolutely loved reading this, thank you so much for sharing it with us! I’m inspired by the ease of your decision and how practically you approached it. Enjoy the occasional meal out, like all of us. Enjoy a drink and a snack, like all of us. But always with the consistency of Huel.

Are you going to continue for the foreseeable future, or was this somewhat of a challenge for you? How did you friends and family react?

Thank you again for sharing! Thank you for being a Hueler - you’re awesome :grinning:


Yes, I’ve been reducing calories by 500 or so since July. I’m down 1.5 stone :smiley: Though I don’t weigh my Huel because part of appeal for me is keeping it as easy and simple as I can :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad you’ve found it easy :slight_smile: I have to say it’s been a lot easier than I expected it to be!


That’s awesome! I’m only on day 2, but I’m hoping to be 100% for a while to get my diet under control.


Amazing stuff, thanks for sharing. I also suffer from Colitis so this makes interesting reading. I’ve been using Huel as a convenient lunch and for extra calories to maintain weight. Do you take any medications for the Colitis? My Colitis has been in remission for a few years due to eating no dairy, wheat and little processed food. However I’ve got some associated liver issues that reveal themselves in regular blood tests so I’m thinking of going 100% Huel for three months to see how this effects the results.


I’m in for good. Don’t see me ever going back as it suits me so much & I like it. Family use Huel as well but not all of the time or 100%. Work colleagues think I’m weird but I already knew that. I’m not a sheep so enjoy being a trail blazer. :grinning:I have converted a colleague to breakfast & lunch use and together we are spreading the word.


I’m not on any medication for colitis and have been without symptoms for 3 years now. 100% seems to be kind & calming for my bowel. I have had blood test recently & no issues with liver & inflammation markers ‘remarkably low’ (my gp’s words) bearing in mind my history. Hope it suits you too well


Thanks for the extra info. Congratulations on your new found good health :slight_smile: I’m going to have to try 100%!


“Enjoy a drink and a snack, like all of us. But always with the consistency of Huel.”

This made me chuckle. Not sure id want to go out for a drink or a snack with the consistency of Huel :grinning:


What am I like! Now you’ve pointed out the double meaning of ‘consistency’ I can’t read my sentence in any other way :grinning:



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That’s absolutely brilliant! I love Huel and find it helps so much to avoid alot of symptoms I get with food ( Autoimmune conditions) I replace all my meals with Huel as I prefer it and snack on veg sometimes.

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wow thats awesome to hear your symptoms have gone! I have colitis too and since I started drinking huel everyday I hardly ever get any flare symptoms, when I did it was with a much reduced amount too!

Also I agree with you about putting it the fridge for the night, makes waking up for work so easy when you can grab a huel out the fridge!


That’s what I do too. Thanks for sharing. Xxx

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Thanks for sharing. I think Huel is more gentle than a varied diet. No shopping or cooking. Perfect. Thanks for sharing Jake.

I’ve read mixed reviews from Colitis sufferers, is it worth a try?!

If you’re in remission, Huel’s high fibre content may be advantageous. If, while in a relapse, you’re advised to follow a low fibre diet, then you should be cautious with Huel.

I speak as the Huel formula developer, as a regular Hueler and as a colitis sufferer!