Calorie count question - am I using too much?

Hi all! A quick question here as I want to check I’m using this correctly. I started up a couple of days ago with Vanilla Huel, replacing 2 meals a day.

Looking at your calorie chart it appears that 1g of vanilla huel contains 4.1 calories. The calculator recommends I eat about 2100 calories a day, which leaves me with 3 meals of around 700 calories or 170 odd grams of huel per meal.

My questions:

  • Does this maths look right? I’d hate to be over-eating!
  • I tend to struggle to get through my morning huel before lunch - do other people find this to be the case?
  • Should I push myself to take in the right amount of calories or allow for the fact that huel fills me up pretty easily?

Thanks for reading and hello!

Hey Simon,

People often spread their Huel across the day, as trying to finish it by set times can be quite difficult. If you can’t finish it by lunch time, just continue eating throughout the day!

The maths for the amount of Huel look right though!

I’d say eat enough, as you need calories to make sure you get enough energy! I’m sure you’ll figure out your routine though, it can just take a little while

Thanks for the response! Today i’m trying Huel for breakfast and dinner. Just had a lunch of salad and hummus and feel very full indeed. I find Huel odd as it generates a sense of being sated but not full - weird experience!

Yeah it’s odd isn’t it, but it’s good for working out when you’re hungry or when you’re just craving food. I love it now, I’ve cut out all my junk out my diet.

According to the calculator I should be having about 1400 cals per day - female and trying to lose weight - but I have trouble getting through more than 1200 on a 100% Huel day. I’m 90+ days in so I don’t think it’s newbie enthusiasm, I think it’s just getting proper nutrition so not feeling hungry.

So long as I’m not over-eating regularly I am trying to learn to listen to my body. But yes, eating gradually over the day rather than set meal times will probably make life easier for you.

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