Am I getting this right?

Hi Everyone,

I’m brand new to Huel and while I think I’ve measured everything out and worked everything out, I just want someone to check my method and make sure I’m not missing anything.

So I need to consume 1,170 on a daily basis in order to lose.

I’m working on the unflavoured and unsweetened version of Huel which I’ve figured out is 4.23Kcal/1g

So I’m initially going to start with swapping out my two worst meals (where I have the least time in the day) which is breakfast and dinner. Split 1,170 means I need around 570Kcal/meal.

Therefore, 130g of Huel gives me around 550Kcal (near as damnit), so mix 130g of Huel with 650ml of water per meal - job done!

Then consume a normal healthy lunch around 570Kcal.

Pretty sure I’m on the right track, just want to make sure I start as I mean to go on.

Thanks in advance,
Anthony! :slight_smile:

Hi Anthony, What’s the unit for the 1,170 ? If that’s calories that initially sounds like too little.

I’ve been taking in 2,000 calories a day for a 500 calorie deficit and I’ve been losing about a 1lb a week or more.

There are loads of calculators out there but here’s the one I used.

Also, that may be a pretty watery mix. I would try a slightly thicker mix and gradually add water until it’s the right consistemcy.

Sounds good to me! Are you going to flavour the Huel yourself? Most people find the U&U by itself to be quite… difficult… !

Hi Tom,

Yes that is calories, I used the calculator in the getting started guide. This morning was the first meal I was replacing with Huel, seems okay but I think I might adjust the recipe to use milk as opposed to water.

Thanks for your help :grinning:

Hi Ibid,

Thanks, and yes after trying it this morning I’ll definitely be flavouring it! I just find the Vanilla gets a little too sickly after a while.

Likewise! I’ve been going for a 50/50 Vanilla/U&U split recently and find it just sweet enough. I’ve also used bananas and frozen berries before which both worked well. There’s lots of other ideas and suggestions on the forum :slight_smile:

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