Is this right what I'm doing?

So my calorie counter said I need to consume 1800 calories a day to lose weight, a drop in 500 calories.

Morning: 3 scoops with 570ml water
Lunch: 3 scoops with 570ml water and a side dish to complete 750 calories
Dinner: a healthy meal roughly 800 calories
Also cardio gym 2-3 times a week.
Is this the correct method to losing weight? If not, what shall I change?

I also read people put in less water to make it thicker, is it worth doing that?

I’m new to Huel and want to make sure I’m doing everything correct before I waste my own time and money on something wrong.


3 scoops has 483 calories, and adding up what you’ve got there comes to 2033.

1800 calories sounds right, but you’d have to cut out 200 calories. Maybe try a 600 calorie dinner instead, since 800 all in one go is a lot.

I’m the oddball out, I actually prefer my Huel thinner and allowed to thicken in the fridge a bit. I do 2 scoops with 400mL