Is 3 scoops enough?

Hello guys,

I’m James, 18 and recently started using Huel in an attempt to drop my % of body fat. Now i’ve only been using it a little while but noticed i’m only using 3 scoops of Huel a day so ~467 calories. Now my question is is this enough, is it okay to be having so little> i dont really feel hungry i could easily go out an eat, sure, but dont feel the NEED to have loads of food.
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If that’s all you’re eating for the entire day, it isn’t enough.

Okay, now forgive my ignorance, may i ask why? and what might come of it if i where to continue on the same amount?

@torkyjr have you followed the instruction here?

@Julian hey, i have! i worked out i need 1500 calories a day to loose 2lb per week and i aimed to have that only i’d have something for breakfast (some toast for example) then i have a bottle of Huel with 3 scoops around lunch and after that i dont feel hungry and can go on untill the time i go to sleep.

Sorry I’m lost.

You say you need 1500 calories, then ask if 3 scoops is enough if 467 calories is enough, are you asking if 467 is enough for the whole day, if yes, the answer is no.

You also said that you only have toast for breakfast (150 calories in two slices), then 3 scoops for lunch (467 calories). This totals 617, way under your target.

Sorry, yes so the calculator says i need 1500, fine, but what i’m asking is weather its okay to be having 617 (assuming less calories would result in more fat being burnt faster (im 18 6ft1in, 15.5 stone)) as i dont feel the need to eat after that of should i be drinking Huel to be closer to my target regardless for otherwise risking some other health issue?

Sorry if i wasn’t totally clear

I would say no, sure it’s possible but from my experience people who lose weight too quickly don’t maintain it in the long run. It’s a marathon not a sprint. I personally would recommend you aim for 1lb loss per week not 2lb, which gives you 2000 calories per day, not 617.

At 2000 calories it will be easier to maintain over a number of months, e.g. in 3 months you will have lost 1 stone. Plus you can all the nutrients you need at 2000 calories, which you won’t get at 617.

Okay, thankyou, i shall certainly increase the amount i have! I’ll likely post some progress in a month or so!

Again i’m sorry for being unclear in the beginning!

No that is fine. I will be adding a fat loss guide very soon to the site.

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If I’m not mistaken, 600kcals per day (even Huel) could be severely detrimental to your health if continued for too long.

Also, maybe @JamesCollier could comment to clarify, but at such a low calorie intake you risk your body entering ‘starvation mode’ - by which your body will lessen the amount of calories burnt thus slowing down weight loss in order to prevent starvation.

I’ve always been a fan of sorting out your diet before taking such drastic methods. For example, cut out the crisps and coke before looking at calorie restriction. It’s not so much how many calories you take in (at your level), but about what makes up those calories.

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@Blenks yes that’s what i was concerned about so thought id come here and ask before it became an issue. i just thought it was weird i wasn’t feeling hungry really also, i’ve increased the amount im having but tends to become more of a case of forcing myself to drink it!

Yes, 600kcal per day would lead to health problems - in respect of starvation and lack of micronutrients. Yes, metabolism would slow down to hold onto reserves.

@JamesCollier yeah i thought as much. So what would you say is the lowest amount is someone can get away with? not that thats all i want to be doing however i struggle to have even 1000kcal per day as you have read.

also @JamesCollier i might add i work from home so activity is limited outside of walking the dog

The lowest amount someone could get away with is variable. However, I feel 1500 would be nearer the mark and include some light exercise. Bear in mind this only covers calories, and we don’t guarentee you’ll meet your vitamin and mineral requirements on this level.