Huel drink and bars with Crohns disease

Hi there. I am a new Huel user that suffers from Crohns disease so having things that are easy to digest and nutritionally balanced is important. I am just wondering if the bars would be alright for a small meal replacement and if there is anyway to make the drink itself smoother?

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Are these similar enough conditions to be useful information?

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Mixing and placing in the fridge for a few hours will make it smoother. I think the extra time lets the flour absorb the water.

I think it ‘improves’ the taste too.


If you are having a relapse of your Crohn’s then you may have to restrict your fibre intake in which case Huel and Huel Bars will have to be consumed in moderation. However, if you’re in remission, Huel products can be very beneficial especially as you’re at risk of lacking some vitamins and minerals.


Hi James - which products should I be ordering for weight loss with crohns? The meal replacement or the protein powder ? Thanks feeling confused

Hi @Sunnydays - if you’re Crohn’s is currently in remission, I’d probably go for regular Huel Powder (white pouch) and have this for 1-2 meals per day. This should be part of a suitable weight loss regimen.