Feeling nauseous

After the second day of using Huel I woke up feeling nauseous. I thought maybe I was hungry so had some Huel which did help for a short while. For 3 days now I have been feeling queasy between meals. I am only having one bottle a day. So only 3 scoops. I am also eating only Protein and veg the other meals. I have IBS so I have to be careful what I eat.

Hey there, sorry to hear your stomach isn’t getting along with Huel. Huel is a high fibre food, so is often not seen as suitable for people suffering with IBS. However, a number of people who do have IBS are using Huel. Check out this thread or any others by using the search bar above and it might help with some advice.

How much are you eating day to day? Are you still having 3 square meals a day, with one of those as Huel, then the rest full meals. Or is the protein and veg you’re having just snacks? It might be that you have unwittingly lowered your calorie intake far below what you’re used to. Check out this here to see how many calories you need per day.

Thank you for your replies. My IBS doesn’t usually cause nausea it’s more stomach cramps and bowel issues which have improved.
I am eating the same meals as I usually eat just replacing one meal with Huel, I usually avoid carbs as much as possible. I am also making Huel with skimmed milk. I haven’t lost any weight as yet. This is day 4.

Thanks for confirming. So, if you simply replace a meal with Huel this won’t necessarily induce weight loss. Weight loss is all to do with consuming less calories than you expend.

We’ve got a guide here:

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