First experiences of Huel - IBS

As many of you will be, I read reviews on this forum and others before buying Huel and even after I had ordered my first batch. Apart from wanting to make an informed decision and enjoying reading about what seemed like a great product, I also was wary not to make what can be an inconvenient and miserable condition worse: IBS. The forum is full of negative stories about this but I feel differently.

I’ll be brief but it is good news!

Having suffered with IBS on and off for about 15 years, I am making conscious decisions all the time around it as I’m sure you are if you have experienced it. I didn’t look to Huel as an aid but with all the other benefits, I had to try it and see what it did to me.

I started with replacing just breakfast for the first three or four days as recommended. The first day was interesting and I felt bloated, uncomfortable and very windy. What comes out is pretty awful too and much worse than anything I’ve smelt before but luckily I was working from home that day. I went straight back on the forums and convinced myself that Huel was going to cause me problems as many have posted as such. Since then NOTHING! I’m coming up to 2 weeks on Huel now replacing all meals apart from evening meal with my wife and I can honestly say that it has not caused me any problems since. In fact, I would even say it has made me better. Less wind than I normally would have, more regular ‘meaningful’ stools, no diarrhoea, and just feeling great.

I’m not a doctor or health professional but it is my opinion that a lot of people in todays modern world suffer with IBS because of the increasing stresses of the world. This won’t solve that! If you know for definite that you have an intolerance to something, this might not help that either if you keep eating it, but Huel doesn’t have most of the things that irritate people.

Give it a go. You came here because you saw all the other benefits of Huel as I did and if this is the only thing standing in your way, don’t let it. You may be pleasantly surprised. :slight_smile:


Glad you’ve found Huel to be useful :slight_smile: