One Month On Huel

Well I have been using Huel as a lunchtime replacement for just over one month now.
As an IBS sufferer the change has been remarkable, I no longer have the debilitating very painful Bowel Spasms, no more daily bloating and nausea. I am now able to eat small amounts of dark green vegetables I love which previously tied my bowel in knots.
It’s such a novelty not to have pain anymore Whoo Hoo :grinning:
Just waiting on my box of Huel Bars to try next as a Scooby snack replacement.


I don’t have full IBS but I have a number of IBS type symptoms, particularly bad wind nearly all the time.

I started using Huel as a tool to help me work out which foods were setting me off. I planned to go 100% Huel and if I had no symptoms then I would add different foods one at a time until something set me off.

Instead I found if I eat Huel for 2 of my 3 meals a day then I could pretty much eat what I want for my evening meal and I’d be OK.


I just have Huel as a lunchtime meal and it appears enough to make a difference.

I was 100% Huel but the farts were unbearable both for me and those around me.

Regrettably I’ve had to switch back to having Huel just for breakfast, which is a shame because in all other aspects I felt great when 100%, full of energy and buzzing.

Thankfully I’m virtually wind free now.