One month Hueliversary update!

I’ve just reached the end of my first month using Huel and thought I would post an update!

I started off just replacing breakfast, and then after four days I switched to using Huel for both breakfast and lunch with a normal vegetarian meal in the evenings. It’s just so convenient for breakfast - I whizz it up in a nutribullet with some frozen berries and water and it tastes amazing, not like the awful ‘protein shake’ flavour I was expecting! And then I can go ahead and whizz it up for lunch right after to take into the lab, so it’s super easy preparation-wise for me. It goes straight in the fridge at work (it tastes so much better cold) and normally I’m not even hungry until 2pm, which has got to be a Huel miracle!

I did get a few interesting gas issues in the first few weeks but they’re subsiding now, and everything is present and correct in the toilet department as well! I have struggled with some IBS issues in the past and Huel has totally cleared them up. It also keeps me satisfied for ages and it’s great knowing that it’s vegan - I’ve had some accidental entirely vegan days where my evening meal has not included any animal products either, which is a nice surprise.

The biggest thing for me with Huel, though, is how it helps me stay in control of my eating habits and make healthier choices. I’ve been working to overcome bulimia and BED for a while now and it becomes very difficult when I’m stressed out or don’t have very much time to prepare food. Huel takes so many of those problems away and it’s amazing knowing that it’s a healthy, nutritionally complete food. I spend less time thinking about food (meal planning, food shopping, prepping, recipe hunting, worrying about ‘healthiness’ of meals) which is definitely positive for me and I feel like I have a much more ‘normal’ attitude to food now. I also find that when I go out to eat with friends in the evenings I am much calmer because I know that I’ve been eating well and nourishing myself for the other two meals of the day, so it’s easier to make better choices and enjoy myself.

I will definitely be sticking with Huel and I’ve just placed my next subscription! It would be great if the student discount re-materialised in the future :wink:


Thats brilliant! Happy Hueliversary! :smile:

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Well done!

Glad to hear you overcame the gas!

February 18 marks 1 year Ive been consuming the stuff.

Glad it’s working out for you and hope you stay strong!

This resonates with me so much!!! I’m a fellow ED sufferer trying to recover (BED and Bulimia), and Huel has been almost godsent. So glad to hear your experience too! :slight_smile: