Month using Huel - Review

Hello all,

I’m new to Huel and after using it for a month thought I’d hare my experience from using it. I’d heard of Huel before but not really looked at it in much depth.

Reason for trying Huel? Love food but have no off switch and have what I’d call a bad relationship with food but until fairly recently I’ve led a pretty active lifestyle (semi-professional rugby-retired this season, and other sports). After coming back off holiday a period of about 6 months of not exercising much and watching what I was eating the weight crept on. I’m an all or nothing kind of person so getting a nutritionally balanced meal replacement appealed so thought I’d give it a go. I’d say I have basic knowledge of nutrition and like the MFP app, I love cooking too it’s just difficult getting a family meal to suit everyone. Initially I wanted something easy to prep and calorie count and reset my approach to food.

First Impressions Vanilla 2.3 Find it fine with just water, reminds me of whey based drinks I’ve had in the past. Find it easy just to swig back and finish quickly. I like coffee and tried a couple of shots of espresso but preferred it just on it’s own. Initially I spent a few days having one meal replaced per day to allow my gut to get used to it then did a few 100% Huel days to kick-start my health kick. I didn’t have any side effects and after a few days was having a Huel for lunch then either a calorie counted evening meal or shake. I’d then see what I had left in my calorie balance following exercise and have a healthy snack or another Huel.

Progress I’ve never been one for having breakfast despite the cliche it’s the most important meal of the day. I’m just not hungry so I’d rather save those calories for later in the day. Taking it to work I’m not tempted to nip out for a sandwich or anything else and it keeps me full until I get home. I’ve dropped over a stone and back into a good exercise routine and thinking more about food choices.

Weight loss I see a lot of people are using Huel for weight loss. I think it could be a successful approach for people like me who lack personal control and/or don’t like cooking. You can have a nice balanced meal for the same calorie value as a Huel dropping one or two meals for a Huel would seem sustainable or in my case 1 or 2 meals a day.

Will I order moreYes I think I will knowing I can slug one of these back and get a balanced meal appeals to me as well as the convince.

I’ll update in another month!