A month of change for the better

I started using Huel for about 5 weeks ago. I had put on a little bit of extra weight during the pandemic and saw some pictures of myself that made me realize that I needed to rethink my habits and routines. For the first time ever I started really paying attention to calories and realized I was consuming at least double the amount of calories I needed every single day. And once I started to gain weight I became discouraged about exercise too. It was a cycle that was bringing me down.

Huel has made it so easy to track and plan for the day. I have a shake in the morning for breakfast, a H&S dish for lunch and then I make a good dinner. I’ve already lost 10 pounds by these simple changes. I personally find that the shakes and the hot & savory dishes are filling enough that I don’t snack between meals. I never thought it would be possible. Yes, it does take some willpower and focus. I remind myself that I don’t really need to reach for a snack. Drink some water. Remind myself that I will eat again soon enough. But Huel makes it doable. Instead of starving between meals, it is a manageable hunger.

I feel better than I have for several years. I have more energy. I sleep better. My digestion is SO MUCH better. I was suffering from terrible heartburn and it has almost gone away completely. Just seeing the weight loss also had the added bonus of encouraging me to exercise more. When something is working it is not hard to stick with it and make changes throughout your daily routine.

Reading some of these comments, I guess I’m just not that picky when it comes to taste. It’s fine. None of it tastes like potato chips and pizza and chocolate chip cookies. It’s meal replacement. Do I LOVE it? Probably not… but it’s fuel. I don’t need it to be birthday cake. I’ll enjoy cake when it is someone’s actual birthday and I’ll be able to enjoy that cake knowing that I’ve got things under control and a treat is just fine.

So far my favorite shake flavor is peanut butter - but let’s be honest, it is more ‘peanut’ than ‘peanut butter’. But that’s OK. 200 calories a scoop and all the nutrients is what I’m after. My favorite hot & savory is Mac & Cheese. It took me about 5 attempts to finally figure out the right way to do it so that it is like mac & cheese rather than cheesy soup. But now it is the one I reach for first.

I have to admit - the bars are pretty terrible. Banana is the best for me, I guess. However, I will for sure eat all of the boxes I bought. They are convenient to pack in a suitcase when I know I’m going to be traveling and finding a good, nutritious (and meatless) meal is going to be hard. They get the job done. I’m full for several hours and I don’t have any guilt from eating them. I would almost say I would accept a few more calories if they could have just have a little bit more taste.

My experience has been overwhelming positive. I’ll continue to drink and eat Huel and know that once I reach my goal weight, Huel will be one of the tools I use to maintain it.


I wish you good luck with your weight goals. Maybe reporting about it helps you to stay on track.

Hey Stephen!! Welcome to the forum and can I just say that reading this has really brightened my day (I wasn’t having a bad day, but this is a real highlight :blush: ). Your experience sounds great and for sure the kind of experience we hope everyone has (perhaps liking the Bars a little better though :laughing: )

For real, I think a lot of us can relate to this. Whether it’s gaining unwanted weight or getting out of shape there are plenty of us here who are or were in the same place.

It really sounds like you’ve got your routine down too. Are you counting calories on your dinner too to help, or just winging it on dinner? I’m not saying you should at all, I’m just curious as you mentioned tracking your calories. If I am tracking calories I usually just guestimate dinner.

It’s amazing to hear that Huel is helping but also want to remind you that it’s you who made the choice to get Huel, you who makes it everyday and you who keeps that willpower and focus - for Huel and other areas. So well done and give yourself a lot of credit!

It’s crazy but we do hear a lot of people saying about their energy levels and sleep pattern getting better after using Huel. I guess that’s just complete nutrition right? The stuff you were missing before you’re now getting (not a legal, provable claim, just a offhand comment :grimacing: ).

What exercise are you doing? Hope you’re enjoying it whatever it is!

Great choices on flavour. Any you are going to try next?

Haha, oh no! Which ones are you trying. I love them as they are, but if they’re a bit solid then a few seconds in the microwave really helps.

It’s great to hear from you and keep us posted about your experience! Welcome to the Huel team!

Thanks for the mini review dude. I just joined and it makes me feel I made the right choice reading your post. Cheers and good luck!

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I usually make a “best guess” for dinner. But I don’t worry too much about it. I check to make sure the portion size seems reasonable. It was an eye-opening experience to realize how many calories I was taking in versus how much energy I was exerting. I was eating like I was training for the Olympics rather than to sit at a computer 8 hours a day!

I’m going to try microwaving the bars for a few seconds. Thanks for the tip!

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And (@steveland40) you know what’s best? It stays that way :grin:. I’m enjoying Huel since 16 weeks now (mostly a shake for breakfast and one for lunch and sometimes a bar), lost 15 lbs, feel really good, energetic, sleep better. Of course there are other days but honestly not that many - and I guess that’s just life. I’m not a huge fan of h&s but will add the mac&cheese and the bolo version in my next order just to give it another try. I’m really curious how they taste (hopefully :yum::yum::yum::yum:…. I love Italian food so I’m going to be picky :rofl:).
I wish you all the best on your journey to a better life respectively one where you can enjoy food without regrets. Huel (in my experience) brings back your natural instinct of hunger and that changes a lot or did at least for me.
Looking forward to your experience. Please keep us posted.

I’ve been using Huel for several months now, and I’m very happy with it. Huel is the only product that I’ve found that actually tastes good! It has a rich, nutty flavor that reminds me of peanut butter or cashew butter. It’s not too sweet but has just enough sweetness to be enjoyable without being overpowering.

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