Excited about starting new healthy lifestyle

I received my order of Huel on Tuesday and am looking forward to starting having it for breakfast and lunch with a healthy (low fodmap) evening meal from Monday. Waiting till after Easter just incase the temptation gets the better of me, as I do love me some chocolate.
I’m Asthmatic, and also suffer from eczema and IBS, which has flaired up pretty badly since Christmas and also caused a bit of Roid Rage (Painful Haemorrhoids).
My doctor has taken blood and stool tests and both have come back as ok. He’s recommended I try the Fodmap Diet to see if that helps. If it doesn’t then I’ve got to go back for an endoscopy, so I’m hoping an improved diet will clear things up and avoid the end route.
I came across Huel when it was mentioned on an IBS forum, so I like ones into the product and it looks ideal as I always struggle with what to have for breakfast and lunch and usually end up binging on biscuits and chocolate. Then end up feeling tired for the rest of the day. I am tempted do go 100% huel for all meals which I may do at a later date. I did manage to do a 48 day juice fast (Jason Vale Superjuice me plan) which helped clear up my symptoms.
Anyway I’m looking forward to starting Huel on Monday and will update on my progress.
My Wife is also following the same routine.

Hey Daddio!

Welcome to Huel, I hope it goes great for you. Have a search around on the forum, there are others on here who have IBS who may be able to give you some tips as well.

Here’s to a healthy lifestyle!

Yes, Huel makes breakfast and lunch much quicker, easier and healthier. It’s so much better than what the average person probably tends to have for breakfast, lunch and snacks. Taking the time to sit down to a well-prepared, healthy meal in the evening is great, but for the busy daytimes we just need to get nutrition into our bodies quickly and easily.

I’ve been using Huel just like that for a while now. Before Huel, I’ve gone years without eating breakfast unless I’m in a hotel because I can never be bothered and or don’t feel like it.

Today is my first day on just Huel (and black coffee and water) as I am at work for 13 hours on a bank holiday and seems to be the best option. Same on Monday… and if it goes well I may continue on total Huel days more often although the difficulty I have is my wife thinks it is a little cranky…and we often eat together in the evenings…but we shall see.

Thank you for the warm welcome. It’s great to see so much positive feedback for the product. I’m actually going to be starting tomorrow with my wife now after spending this morning with bad bowels after pizza and crisps and Coke for dinner last night and toasted hot cross buns this morning with way too much butter on. When I start on the Huel for breakfast and lunch from tomorrow I’ll be having healthier dinners (low fodmap) to finish off the day on. Hopefully this will lead the way to stopping my IBS symptoms.