Here we go!

First order just placed! Taking the plunge. Planning to replace just my lunchtime meal at first. Porridge in the morning, Huel then evening meal. Sounds ok? Cheers!


Welcome to the crew :smiley:

I have only been having Huel a couple of weeks now but against expectations (I’m a cynic) I have found it to be a very positive experience. Easily slotted into my day, I wouldn’t say it gives ME more time because previously I was just skipping meals as no time to get then eat food. Huel helps me maintain a good calorific intake instead of just feeling drained and grumpy.

I have Huel for breakfast and lunch and have done so since I started. Other than the shall we say copious, odourful flatulence in the first week and the need to drink more water in general it was a smooth transition.

Do drink more water, even though you get water in the huel you do need more due to the higher fibre content.

If the texture is too grainy or powdery try making it up in advance and put in fridge, it will be thicker and smoother. Even waiting 5 - 10 minutes after mixing can reduce any chalky/grainy texture significantly.

Enjoy feeling better and less energy slumps :smiley:


Sounds great, Brian! Thanks for the post and for choosing Huel. If you have any problems then you know where we are - if you have any other queries that the forum can’t sort. Look forward to hearing about your experiences.

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Thank you!

So a couple or so weeks in. I work days and night shifts which messes up your digestion anyhow. At first (just replacing one meal (lunch) I really missed eating. I felt like I was cheating myself by drinking a meal! But, like any change, perseverance pays off and you slowly get used to it.

There was a high degree of flatulence at first as well, but after a couple of weeks my body seems to have adjusted.

I work in a train depot, so I do an awful lot of walking and climbing. Struggling a bit with hunger. I tend to have a couple of tablespoons of unsweetened peanut butter spread (Meridian foods). Works a treat at killing hunger pangs!

I love the vanilla flavour and texture.

So far so good!

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