Newbie, 100%, Weight loss Journey

Day 1

So I took the plunge and ordered a months worth of Vanilla which arrived yesterday. Made up 2 lots of 3 scoops in 600 ml over night in the fridge for breakfast and lunch, then came home having liked the simplicity so much and made another shake with mint choc for “dinner”.

So far this really appeals to me. I am 17 Stone 6 pounds. I am a teacher in a secondary school and time is limited in my day so I was not eating properly at all. Mostly grabbing biscuits and other bad choices. I’ve just given up vaping as well so snacking was a real issue.

I know people recommend not going 100% straight away, but as a vegetarian I am hoping this wont be too much of an issue.

What I really noticed I liked today, was not being limited to meal times. I had some of my first shake when I got to work and some more mid morning. I then had half the second for lunch and the rest around 4pm.

It has flipped the way I think about food.


Nice one John, sounds like you’ve nailed it :point_down:

Totally hear you on the biscuit grabbing, whoever it is who brings them in is a terror! Going 100% straight away will likely cause a bit of flatulence, do ease into it. The thing is is that most have a few negative experiences and then give up on Huel entirely. If this happens to you, drop the meals of Huel right down and build back up.

Love the idea of breaking Huel in to 4 meals, I often do the same, particularly with lunch and feel this keeps me going all day!

All the best and let us know if you have any questions at all!

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Second day has been a breeze, really enjoying it. Oddly I struggled to finish my second batch before even getting home. Only because I was full. Had my 3rd just now (toffee), much later than I would normally have dinner which hopefully will keep me from thinking about evening snacks.

Family came in with fish and chips which was a bit mean, I just left them to it.


OK so day 3 was not so good, curious if anyone has had similar experiences. Had my two shakes as usual, then we went out and my plan was to just have water, but a beer got the better of me. So a pint of beer no big deal, calorie wise. Really went to my head fast and I felt nausea. I guess this is because I have been “eating clean” with 3 Huel meals a day. Went to bed and slept it off.

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Day 4

Not as 100% as originally planned, concerned with the nausea I decided breakfast was a good idea as I ease into it.

Saturday morning is lads breakfast morning. Went for a relatively healthy veggie breakfast. Drank only filter coffee and water in the morning. Had a shake for lunch, but actually couldn’t manage dinner I was too full up!

Had a friend round to visit and had a small amount of low cal popcorn.

Still under my calorie count so I was pleased.

Feel fine today.

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I know the day has only just started, but I weighed myself this morning. After just 4 days of using Huel I have lost 6 pounds!

New weight 17 Stone 0 pounds


Excellent work!

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Day 5 done,

2 shakes and a vegan shepherd’s pie for dinner. Just had a herbal tea before settling down for bed.

Back to 3 shakes a day for the working week.

Day 6 and 7 haven’t gone exactly to plan. I really wanted to do 100%, but the last 2 days have been challenging. Mostly because when I get home I am still working my way through my second shake.

Today I have stuck to the 2 shakes and had home made carrot soup and a couple of slices of bread.

I don’t feel so bad as I’m still within my calories, will see what tomorrow morning brings for my first full week weigh-in.

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Boom! First week complete!

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I’m going to enjoy following this. The only thing I would say: when I read “haven’t gone exactly to plan” I’m expecting you to follow up with ‘I downed a pack of digestives and a sharing bag of kettle chips’. I really don’t think you need to feel negative about having carrot soup with a couple of slices of bread! If the only unhealthiness in your whole week has been one beer then you’re off to a great start. Keep at it, buddy!

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Cheers. Yes nothing major in the scheme of things. First hiccup today was that I forgot to take both my shakes to work today. I managed to avoid any snacking all day, instead I came home to a low fat healthy veggie chilli that my wife had made.

My clothes are feeling looser and I am feeling less out of breath walking up the stairs at work.

Highly motivated and no plans to sway. Tomorrow will be a bit off the rails as it is the usual Saturday lads breakfast and I am out for a meal in the evening. Going to stick to a vegan brekkie and hopefully a salad in the evening.

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Saturday was a write off!

Breakfast out, I was so full up after this it was ridiculous. We went out and I had a small pasta dish, but caved at a small pudding too. Also had 2 pints over the evening. Not massive compared to what I usually would eat.

Back on it this Sunday, 2 scoop shake for breakfast and plan for a 100% day.

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It’s ok to freak out now and again it won’t hurt, it’s good to treat yourself and have a break from Huel. I took my mother shopping to Morrisons this morning and ended up in the cafe having a big breakfast ( not the blg daddy one ) and loved it.
Back to 100% tomorrow :smiley:

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2 weeks down and weight is 16 Stone 11 :smiley: