First 100% huel day!

so today is my first 100% huel day - I received my huel late last night had a shake went to bed.

Today I have had 3 shakes of 125g in each shake i’m on my 3rd one now i am stuffed but going to try to put it away before bed.

Every thing is all good so far - I do like the taste better if refrigerated over night. When mixing and drinking on the go i find you can taste the sweetener really badly and the bitter aftertaste is a bit like tongue carpet. I think out of every thing that is the hardest after giving up sweeteners and sugar for the last year I can really notice it. It does disappear tho for some reason if left over night in the fridge so before bed im going to make up tomorrows “dinners”

Every one at work was really surprised at the weight of the shake … they are on the cambridge / slimfast ect and alot of people were interested after the smell test none yet have asked me for a taste.

however all good so far


I’m on about 70% Huel at the moment, but we are planning a trial of Huel 100% on a test subject. I’m going to join in and go 100%. No calories from any other source, no alcohol.

I haven’t tried refrigerating overnight yet; I’m on my second week of regular huel use - 100% Monday to Friday, with a mix of meals & huel on the weekend ( depending mostly on if I find anything cheap but nice & healthy to cook or if I’m going out anywhere, otherwise just more huel). The plan is to maybe add a scoop or two of protein powder on training days, but I’ve had a cold recently so hasn’t really happened yet.

You have not tested your product 100% on anybody yet?? That worries me.

So am I buying a product based purely on theory?? I would have thought that as well as extensive test subjects you would have been the first person to fully test your own product??

this is exactly what me and my partner are doing - water and green tea for drinks - nothing else. on day 2 100% still no other food ive just made 3rd shake again same mixture as yesterday still feeling really full up so not sure how fast the 3rd one will go down.

so far so good - had a bit of headache yesterday from lack of caffeine but nothing today - josh my bf has a headache today from no caffeine but its not that bad.

i’m not even missing food which is bizarre but maybe im getting enough calories ??

josh is all good on 100% huel too.

@RichUK1 of course he has tested it!! if you look at other forum posts juilan has done 100% fuel previously.

ALSO - found a good way of mixing WITH NO LUMPS!!

put half of your water in the shaker - put huel in the other half of water on the top of that then shake !!

Me too, definitely. It’s almost like a different drink.

I understand that with Huel being a new product the natural inclination is to be cautious, but I don’t think you need to worry. It’s only oats, rice protein, pea protein, flax seed, coconut fat, vitamins and minerals. Compared to the utter junk a lot of people shove down their throats on a daily basis, I don’t think there’s much to be concerned about. Huel’s not a drug or a newly discovered chemical element. It’s just a bunch of food put together in convenient powder form.

From the top of my head, I can only think of two main potential problems with consuming 100% Huel:

  • You might have an intolerance to one or more of the ingredients, so you might have a reaction. There is probably a low change of this, because it doesn’t contain any of the really common problem foods like wheat, yeast, dairy or soya.
  • You might eventually get bored of the taste.