My first day of Huel too

Just mixed my first meal of Huel. Agree with previous comments about more info on how much Huel to use. Calorie calculator was good but I then expected something on the Huel website to convert this into how much Huel I needed per shake. Can see though that Huel are going to sort this soon so that will be good for first time users.

I’m going to try going 100% Huel and see how I go. Enjoying my first drink. Taste is fine but feels a bit weird drinking my evening meal!

Everyone at work that I’ve talked to about Huel thinks I’m absolutely bonkers. I am a really fussy eater though so for me eating is just sustenance so drinking Huel shouldn’t be too difficult to adapt too (I hope!).


@jamesbacon great feedback.

Can’t wait to hear how you get on. :slight_smile: