Tomorrow is the day ! 100%!

I have been building up my daily Huel and tomorrow I am going to try 100%. People say I look like I have lost some weight but l don’t feel like it and I don’t check my weight anymore, I just go by the feel of my clothes getting looser ( or tighter). I will wait and hopefully get a nice surprise when I do check my weight.
Got a 1000ml shaker today for work so there’s 2 meals. Already mixed and in the fridge for tomorrow :grinning: as well as a smaller Huel shaker for breakfast. See how I get on tomorrow and Friday, give it a try, might have a solid meal on some days, like yummy Sunday dinner at mother’s. See if my sweat starts smelling of urine or pee of popcorn.
Just having a Huel now been taking my time with it drinking it slowly.


Done ok on my first 3 days, seem to have more energy which is good as I want to go back to the gym. Been too exhausted after work to go, I have tried pushing myself to go but it’s no fun when your exhausted and it’s busy in there.
I do find I get hungry around 9PM, don’t like going to bed starving, so had a bowl of corn flakes on Friday night.
No funny smells sweating or urinating, I did have smelly farts last night ( and typically was over at relatives house ) and later had the trots ( yes in there house :face_with_hand_over_mouth: )
Day off Huel today, had a full English breakfast and will have a Sunday dinner later.
Then Tomorrow will start a full week on 100%


Keep us posted!

Good 'ld english breakfast plus sunday roast. I don’t think Huel will be able to beat that.

Good luck

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Yes it does.

1 week on 100%, stomach feels bloated but maybe that’s all the fibre from what I have read here. Problem I have had is at night, after my last Huel around 6PM I am starving at bed time. If I have the Huel later at 7-8PM I wake up a lot needing the loo and have a bit of a headache in the morning. Apart from that it’s going ok

Anyone else going to the toilet more in the night?
I sometimes wake up once a night for a pee usually, but since going 100% I am getting up 3 or 4 times now for a pee. My last Huel of the day is around 6-7PM and I try not to drink after that time.

Since I drink Huel for dinner, I always have to wake up around 1AM to pee. Weird thing is that is always the same time :smiley: Before I was never waking up to pee during night (I always wake up multiple times during night, but without need to get out bed). It also might be aging, but I guess probably Huel being liquid has something to do with it.

Another week on Huel, just had a lovely Pepperoni :pizza: Pizza and a can of full sugar Coke from my local Take away, my treat for the week, yummy :hugs:
I find it hard going having 4 Huels a day it feels a lot.
I didn’t have one the last couple of nights for evening meal and didn’t get up for a pee in the night.

I don’t feel slimmer but must be as my shorts keep falling down to my ankles lol won’t show you a photo :joy::joy:

Why? Have you got freaky ankles?



Me on a Saturday Night lol

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