100% Huel: My Journey

I’m going 100% Huel until excess weight is lost however long that takes provided there are no complications from doing so, hopefully not.

I will post here daily, or try to at least.

Male, 185 cm at current weight ? (about 108 kg?) will weigh in tomorrow.

Aiming at 0.5 kg minimum loss weekly, will try for 1 kg though (about 1000 daily deficit).

Target weight 80? Not sure.

Squizzle out


Day 1.

Breakfast: 125g coffeeHuel+toffee flavdrops


@jeffy89 permission to steal your layout on my posts? XD

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Good luck @Squizzle !
I am planning to do 100% Huel (or near enough) to lose 10kg, as soon as my body is used to Huel 2/3 times daily.
Mainly because I’ve been attempting to calorie count for exactly one year now and all I’ve succeeded in doing is put on 5kg!
I HATE calorie counting. It’s so much hassle. Huel calorie counting will be a doddle (hopefully).

Mulled wine for a morning snack :rofl::joy::rofl::joy: I choked on my coffee - you’re hilarious

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With pleasure! Sharing is caring :wink:

Yayy 100% Hueling together then!! (For my next 3 days at least LOL) All the best with your journey!

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80kg being 185cm will be pretty skinny. I guess you will see as you go along.

Do you exercise/go to the gym?

Sometimes, although mainly cardio. 80 could be low, hard to tell as I’ve been overweight since I stopped growing lol… time will tell

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Good opportunity to do start with some weights. 80 would be OK. Just quite slim.

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What do you reckon would be a reasonable target weight to no longer be obese/overweight? Honestly, never been at ideal weight ever I think. So it’s all guess work at best. :frowning: Have serious ED’s too. (Binging, though no purging)

please don’t start a thread about it.


I think your original suggestion of 80kg would be a good place to be. I am currently 177cm (and getting smaller as I get older I guess) and 72kg.

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Whoa is that in reference to me…? :face_with_monocle::weary:

Re: which weight to aim towards

I suppose it depends on what your main aim of losing the weight is? If it’s solely about getting to a healthy range BMI:

If it’s other things like aesthetic/inches/health/strength then I suppose that’ll use other indicators.

But yeah no harm working towards that and reevaluating as your journey progresses! My healthy weight range is 43.3-58.5kg; I’m at 51.5kg-ish rn and I still have excess fat to lose so I’m probably still gonna cut fat if possible —> strength train during the holidays to tone up, preserve muscle and gain strength! :slight_smile:


Not enough opportunities for ‘comedy’ for you in that eh @hunzas :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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Wow you’re so hilarious! Just don’t be so cheeky telling ppl they shouldn’t post about certain things. Your ‘jokes’ do my head in but I just skip over your posts, learn to do the same with things you don’t wanna read about. :+1:

@Squizzle how’s it going man??

Jokes, sista. Chillax.

Thanks… shame you deleted it.

Yeah, but that’s comedy. Comedy is how I make a living…I can’t please everyone…jokes are subjective…someone will always get offended. Do I care, nope, I can’t afford to. Does Frankie Boyle care, does Jimmy Carr care, does Doug Stanhope care, did Bernard Manning care), no.

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Is this really true? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

yeh…suck it up.