100%, 16/8

Hi, new here, been lurking for a while and started Huel in December, but for the last couple of days finally moved onto ONLY Huel, no snacking on anything with no Huel branding!

So, i’m currently living off two shakes a day(Made in the blender, 750ml water, 8 oldstyle scoops of v2.3 original/vanilla), one at midday and one at 6pm, then a huel bar for a snack at 8pm. Salted Caramel and Chocolate Orange, one is more ick than the other.

I’m 5’9ish, and probably around 10/11 stone, these are facts i must check later, but my plan is to start back at the gym on monday once my stomache has adapted to my new strict diet.

Lets see how this goes, anyone who has any tips of how to stop the rumbling in my tummy would also be super appreciated, i have gum but i dont know if it would count as breaking my fast, the IF thing is new, huel i understand…

Also hey hi i’m Jewy nice to meet you all, i’m a little weird and lookign forward to being a little weird with all y’all!

Not sex. Not that weird.

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Hi Jewy - you might want to consider instead of having two very large shakes - spacing it out with regular sized shakes instead - broken up with lots of water in-between times to help kill hunger pangs/keep hydrated - at least until your body is fully on board with Huel. Jumping all in so quickly could be a challenge for you.

Hey Phil, thanks for the fast reply, i’ve been on Huel for a while, i managed to try all the 2.3 flavours etc, so i have gotten past the stomach adjustments, the tummy rumbling is more just from being used to snacking at late hours.

I find i prefer the shakes thicker to be more porridge like, when they are regular the texture definitely gets to me. Its more like grainy water and it doesnt have a good mouthfeel for me, haha.

But yeah, just double checked my email, i started huel 2 months ago so my stomache has definitely adjusted by now :slight_smile:

Got you - you could still make smaller more regular shakes just using less water to keep the thickness you want - as for snacking, I’ve sort of gravitated to using a few pieces of dried fruit, pickles or sugar free liquorice instead of going the snack bar route - mainly for the purposes of variety.

I definitely want to start adding fruit into my diet again, the bananas are tempting me, but huels banana flavour is actually one of the most bang on banana flavours i’ve ever had, it genuinely tricked me into thinking i had eaten a banana after a particularly flavourful burp!

I mainly wanted to try the bars as i got my brother onto huel, so got a referral discount and though, why not, they’re nutritious! I think my goal will be to phase them out when i start running low and phase in some more variety of healthy snacks, and then keep huel at least for one main meal later on in the long-run.

I might try breaking it up a bit, the only reason i dont currently is i only have two shakers to store it in the fridge, and they need washing almost immediately, definitely getting back to the student feeling i was missing, haha!

EDIT: Also, sorry for rambling, i’m a very rambly person, i’ll try to be more succinct when i can ;D

Sounds like a plan - good luck!

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I’m now a week(9/10 days actually) into this and have successfully stuck to the huel, the only things i have eaten outside of it have been two magic stars(At the insistence of my 3 year old nephew) and two pieces of gum(i bought gum to keep chewing but i always forget and its outside my time allowance but oh well).

I’ve found my stomach has pretty much adjusted now to not eating outside of 12-8(sometimes 4-8 since my sleeping schedule is still pretty terrible), the main problem i have is i’m starting to feel like i’m on cocaine the amount i’m forcing myself to stop grinding my teeth, i never knew i would miss chewing xD

As for huel, I have been sticking with the Original 2.3, and the leftovers of Banana 2.3, and today i received 2 bags of Original 2.3, 2 bags of Black Vanilla, the flavour boost sample pack, and the cherry chocolate and gingerbread flavour boosts. Tomorrow i’ll post my thoughts on Huel Black and the Cherry Chocolate, but as for the gingerbread, it was a nice change of pace, with a pleasant smell and initial taste, an odd aftertaste, then a pretty nice afteraftertaste.

Gealthwise i still cant get any specific numbers, i dont seem to look like i have lost any weight but i’m not aiming for weight loss, more energy gain and feeling better in myself, which, at the moment i’m still groggy most days but i attribute that to my medication. Tomorrow i’m going skateboarding and going to power down a black huel afterwards, i’ll let you know how that goes :smiley:

If anyone has anything in particular they want to know about going 100% huel, ask and i’ll try to answer as best i can :slight_smile:

Also, my poops are fine, before anyone asks ;D

EDIT TO ADD THE STUFF I FORGOT: So i’m still, every day at about 1400 calories, 8 old scoops of huel and one bar. Salted Caramel bar has not grown on me at all, although microwaved for 10 seconds isn’t bad. Chocolate Orange is better, not perfect, i find it a bit bitter, but otherwise pretty nice. Aside from the dryness of the bars they’re pretty good. I think once they run out i’ll switch them for like, 1.5 scoops of huel instead!

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Another update just to give my opinion on a few things:

Black Vanilla - I’ve heard people say it taste like Original 2.3 but sweeter, and i see where they’re coming from, i just find the taste is a little blander and sweeter, kinda like, Original 2.3 Zero if that was a thing. I will say, it pours SO much nicer from my blender, not sure what it is but White huel goes wide, Black huel stays to my blenders little poury bit, whats that called? Also, definitely made me more gassy, i’m assuming thats the protein shift.

Flavour Boosts(Note: all of these were tried with black vanilla huel):

Chocolate Cherry: Chocolate Cherry was an interesting experience. The initial smell, incredibly strong and sweet and smelled like i had a cherry gateaux in my throat. The initial taste, delightful, the after taste, also delightful, theres a split second where the strong flavour kicks in, but otherwise not too bad.

Peanut Butter: I went for this one first since i hate peanut butter, and i was… not pleasantly surprised, but also not how i was expecting, honestly, i felt there was very little flavour in this one, it tasted pretty much the same as regular ol’ Black Vanilla.

Mocha: Again, working through things i am not a fan of, coffee is on that list, this one unlike the PB though, this one was a pleasant surprise as it just tasted chocolatey, and it tasted like a rich chocolate, maybe Quality Street or Roses, not just plain old chocolate flavouring. Honestly, ditch the coffee and make this one the main chocolate, its delightful.

I have Salted Caramel to try later and then i will decide tomorrows mixes, but so far i would say Gingerbread = Original 2.3 > Cherry Chocolate > Mocha > Black Vanilla > Peanut Butter.

I have a few other things i’ve tried but since they’re all 2.3 i wont add them in :slight_smile:

Okay, onto my howeverth many days this has been, i have tried a few more flavour boosts with three left to go, so here is my takeaway:

Salted Caramel: I have read other people think this tastes just like salted caramel but is pretty tough to finish because of that. Count me in for the former but not the latter, compared to the bars this flavour boost was a delight and its on my list of bags of flavour boosts to get. Definitely not an every time thing but the taste was 10/10 right there!

Pumpkin Spice: Now, i have never had anything pumpkin spice flavoured before due to my dislike of tea and coffee and thus never entering a starbucks. Turns out either this is way off from what pumpkin spice should taste like, or bang on and i dont like pumpkin spice. I’m tempted to go and get something pumpkin spice flavoured to compare, but currently, this flavour boost is a nope from me. I literally struggled to get the taste away, like the gingerbread and salted caramel, except i like the gingerbread and salted caramel :frowning:

Banana: I’ve seen people describe this as tasting like the banana sweet flavouring as opposed to the powder, which tastes like actual bananas. Thats a fair comment and tbh describes it perfectly. I like both, so either works for me, tempted to mix the two together and see what happens. Banana 2.3 was my favourite outside of original, so i was a bit wary the FB wouldnt taste the same, and it didnt, but in a pleasant way. I guess what im saying is i like Banana in general?

Mint Chocolate: Delicious, at first i didnt think i was getting any mint, the smell was pure chocolate and the taste too, but after a couple of swigs the mintiness started coming through, not too strong, and just enough to make it taste like a kind of tesco own-brand mint-choc icecream, which isnt a bad thing, tesco make some amazing icecreams, then they stop making them, and i wont forgive them for stealing white chocolate and raspberry from me! But yeah, Mint Chocolate, would drink again for sure!

Chocolate: What is there to say? How hard can chocolate be am i right? Ignoring the Black Chocolate situation, Huel have generally had no troubles with chocolate flavours, and the FB is the same, tasted like a strong hot chocolate, pretty nice but i’m not a JUST chocolate kinda person. The Mocha wins out for me by having a more milk chocolate taste to it, but otherwise this is your standard chocolate, easy to give or take.

So, currently my rankings are now more like this:

Gingerbread = Original 2.3 =Salted Caramel > > Cherry Chocolate = Banana > Mint Chocolate = Mocha > Chocolate > Black Vanilla > Peanut Butter >>>>>>>> Pumpkin Spice

Tomorrow i have Berry and Strawberry already prepared, but my blender is broken so they may not be as smooth ,i’ll try to judge them based only on taste, then i have Apple cinnamon to go, which, i’m not a fan of apple based desserts in general, but i’ve heard good things!


Side note: Switching from huel white to huel black has definitely made my poop better for hitting fans. I’m talking for spray effect not for tidying up, there has been a lack of consistency and i’m not sure what form it will take every time i go! Otherwise, nothing else to report.

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So, today i had Berry, or Strawberry, it was very hard to tell, it tasted like Berry, but the other shake in my fridge smells like berry, better try it tomorrow to make sure. But, i never HATED Berry 2.3, i managed to get through the bag pretty easily, wasn’t great but wasn’t undrinkable, you guys are weird. This tasted basically the same in my opinion.

I only had one shake and one bar today as i wasn’t feeling well, focused on mainly drinking water and resting. Tomorrow i’m going to see if i can get a hold of a new blender because otherwise its down to hand-blending. Shaking with the thickness i make my shakes isn’t very realistic unfortunately!

As of tomorrow i may have a cheat day, depends how healthy i am feeling, i will fill you all in :slight_smile:

And i’m back, starting today i am back on 100% huel diet, i have just made my two shakes for the day and i will make my shakes for tomorrow once my blender has had a chance to dry out, gonna try and weigh myself over the weekend and keep you guys updated :slight_smile:

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Okay, today was my first experience with V3! Mint chocolate and oh boy is it minty!

I decided to go for mint chocolate as it was the only 3.2 i never got to try so figured i would either like it or lump it, but its not bad aside from i might have to add something to dilute the mint a little, its nice but i dunno if i could drink it non-stop, glad i have a bag of banana to break it up, will open it once i finish off my black edition!

So, main thing i’ve noticed is that V3.0 is a LOT smoother, when it came to blending 2.3 i would pour it into my shakers and get jsut over the little ® at the end of the HUEL logo, with 3.0 it isn’'t sticking to the blender at all and managed to fill both my shakers to the top, might have to cut down a little on the water to keep it in!

Also, i used my older scoops and forgot to consider that i may need less scoops of 3.0 to hit my cal goal, gonna have to check into this.

Overall though it was definitely a smoother drinking experience, will be nice to see if V3 original comes out, if its just the same with less stickieness. Pleasant so far, banana review coming soon! Tomorrows plan is Black with salted caramel or gingerbread, havent quite decided yet :wink:

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I agree! I always add some extra cacao powder to make it more chocolate like.

I noticed the same thing. After I blend it I poor it in the shaker and it almost doesn’t fit. That wasn’t the case with v2.3 although I do very much miss my Original :sob:. Finished the last bag of original today… :sob::sob:

I have tried salted Caramel with Black Vanilla. It’s delicious!!

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I still have two bags of original 2.3 in storage, gonna possibly buy a few more next week too, gotta keep my back up supply! But absolutely need to rejigger with 3.0, its so smooth ,too smooth, definitely can tell when you drink it, its gone from being my porridgey drink to being more like a McDonalds milkshake, not bad but i need to re-adjust, haha

I tried salted caramel with the flavour boost samplers but with how thick i make my shakes it didnt come through super well, with Original it was great(if not incredibly sweet) so looking forward to it tomorrow ;D

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Well, todays beverage/meal was a 50/50 mix vanilla black/3.0MintChoc and added salted Caramel FB. I was feeling daring.

It definitely tastes, but thats as far as i can get into that sentence. It isn’t bad at all, and the mintiness is toned down, i think my brain jsut jumps between the three flavours and lands somewhere in the middle, accepting it as “pretty alright”. Definitely not regretting it though, so there’s that. Lets see what weird shit we can make tomorrow ;D

Also, speaking of weird shit: Oof my bowels today, i think i’m coming down with the flu though so dont blame huel, just dont not blame huel…

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So, have started using MFP to track my intake, admittedly, its kind of pointless at the moment, but tomorrow i’ll be gettign a fitbit(not a real one, i’m poor) and some scales so i will put up my weight and breakdown of that along with other things on a daily more often, but anyone who wants to see what 100% Huel MFP here we go, its this every day:

This is based on someone elses data entry though, i was lazy, i ust adjusted it per my shakes :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice! I will follow your journey. You can do it!!

Btw, you are going to eat 3,5 scoop for lunch and dinner in one go? Does that fit in the shaker?

About that i guess, i use the old scoops and split 14 scoops between 3 shakes, then 2 per day. I add ice and 1000ml of water, blend it up then split it between 3, get it upto around the e in Huel, then i throw a bit more water in to get the stuff stuck in the blender and top it up :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, two shakes a day, one anywhere between 12 and 4pm, and one at 8pm :slight_smile:

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So today i got myself a “fitbit” and a new set of scales and they had the nerve to call me chubby! Hahah, here is the full results from it including all the fancy stuff:

I’m glad to know my bone weigh an amount as opposed to being hollow! My target weight is just the commended weight it gave me for now, but i plan to start burning through that percentage of fat thats weighing me down!

The main downside is i now need 3 apps, one for my scales, one for my honor band, and one for mfp, they dont seem to want to link, but i can work with that :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, aside from today, i plan to use the scales once a week on a sunday, so hopefully i get to see some progress :smiley:

And damnit huel! You’re making me OVER nutritioned! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I had a similar problem. I went to the Dr. cos I was concerned about my weight and she said “Don’t eat anything fatty”.

So I said “What you mean don’t eat things like crisps and chips?”

She said “no, Fatty, don’t eat anything.”