Hi all,

I’ve been on the shakes for a week now and have just increased it to 2 shakes a day.

My question is about bloating. Does anyone else suffer from awful bloating? I’m bigger now than before I started the shakes. Help?

Many people including myself suffered with gas, heartburn, bloating, burps and other such symptoms after starting Huel. It’s rumoured this is due to the fibre content of Huel. Most people don’t get enough fibre in their diet but their body has adjusted to that level. Once “high” amounts of fibre start being consumed the gas is a byproduct. Over time most people’s body’s adjust to Huel and the situation settles down. It took me about 6 months but I also reduced my portion size by 25%.

I will say though even after 4 years if I have 1500 calories of Huel and 3 pieces of fruit in a day I fart and burp like a trooper.


you didn’t quantify if that was a pre-existing affliction :slight_smile:

For me the bloating and uncomfortable feeling subsided much quicker - within the first month.


No I didn’t bloat to the size I am at the moment. But thanks for the reply.

Thanks for the info

After a few days of Huel replacing my evening meal I basically don’t flatulate any more, and when I defecate there is literally nothing to clean up, one sheet of toilet paper with nothing on it. And none of the bowel groaning I used to get. I probably had quite a high fibre diet before with stir fried veg and often wholegrain rice.
It’s been a miracle for my digestion.

You can ditch those safetytrousers now then @Safetytrousers

Huel really does walk on water.