Weak and bloated symptoms


I got my Huel last night, and I was anxious to try the very next day. So, I had a shake for Breakfast and I felt good, no sudden runs to the bathroom and what not, just felt good over all. For lunch, I was very hungry and had a Turkey burger with french fries and slice of pizza ( yes, a bit much, but it was good). Then 3 hours later, I was getting very sleepy ( digestion, I suppose…big lunch after all). So, I decided to have another shake, well it the job, that is woke me up, but then I started to feel bloated at first, then like I was going to pass out, heart attack, etc. I m not sure why, perhaps not enough food ( I normally have breakfast, lunch and dinner, totaling about 3000 calories more or less).

Any ideas?


I’d recommend you don’t introduce it into your diet so fast.
For the first week, just have one 100g shake per day - thats only 400 calories, so make sure you make up the rest of your calories with other meals.
Week 2, you could increase to either one larger shake, or two 100g shakes, again, making sure you get enough calories from your other meals.
Try to make your other meals a bit healthier (if you want).
Most people find that when they are having 2 huel shakes a day, they start to crave fresh fruit and veg, and stop craving sweet or fatty snacks and foods.
It really helps you slowly switch over to a healthier lifestyle.

I’d say, if burgers, fries and pizzas is your normal diet, you’re probably not used to the high fibre or the high vitamins and nutrients in Huel, so your body had a ‘shock’ hence the symptoms.
Just introduce it more slowly - stick to that one small shake a day for a week and build up slowly from there and you will be fine.


Great advice from Christina there, I would add that you drink plenty of water with the high fibre from Huel.


Hi ChristinaT

Thanked you for your valuable advice. I will follow through with your recommendations.


Hi Ian42,

I got to remember to drink more water, so forgetful.


Happy to report Beano seems to have alleviated my bloating, so maybe that will work for you. I didn’t have any issues the first time around but stopped and restarted Huel around Christmas and promptly came down with 4-month pregnant belly and horse farts until yesterday when my Beano shipment arrived. I think there is a generic, less expensive UK version but don’t remember the name of it. Do drink your water (and more than you normally would). Everyone says it gets better with time. :slight_smile: