Bloating 2 shakes per day

I got home from work today and notice I’m my stomach is very bloated, all day I have had 1 shake with 3 scoops and 2 thirds of a second shake.

Anyone else found this?

Is it your first few days of Huel?

As a few people have found, your body may take a few days, even a week, to adjust to the diet.

I started last Friday with 4 scoops, 3 scoops sat, 6 scoops Sunday, 6 everyday since, looking at reducing it to 5 per day as I tend to waster a third of a drink as not hungry.

Four scoops is quite a bit in one shake for an introduction. And six scoops - is that divided over two shakes?

At 38g per scoop, three scoops provides 114g of Huel. Take into account you will sometimes have a pocket of air at the bottom of the scoop, or heap it over, let’s round that to 120g for the ‘little bit extra just for luck’ approach, and that coincides nicely with the packet advice of 4x122g shakes per day.

I’ve found this measurement almost perfect for feeling full but not bloated. I can eat a lot (and I mean a lot) and four scoops or more per shake just isn’t me. Three scoops per 500ml, three times per day with one solid meal is working perfectly for me right now.

Is it your first meal of the day or do you eat beforehand?

Start slowly. One shake per day for the first week is what I did. I’m now onto two (along with two solid meals, I’m packing on muscle at an alarming rate and have a physically demanding job.)

Sorry, that was total per day,

Friday 2x 2 scoops ( was hungry late afternoon)
Saturday 1x 3 scoops
2x 3 scoops daily since

I have Huel for breakfast and lunch, sipped over a few hours followed by an evening meal.

Are you at all intolerant to gluten?

And sipping Huel over a few hours is quite a long time period…

@Noonaldinho Did you have much fibre in your diet before? It could be your body reacting to the increase in fibre.

Pretty sure I’m fine with Gluten.

Fibre wise this is probably an increase as previous diet was porridge, sandwich crisp and sausage roll and an evening meal

Yeah, if you’ve had bread before and not had this bloating problem then it’s probably not gluten that’s the problem.

Huel has a fairly high amount of fibre in it, so that could well be what the problem is. Maybe cut back a bit and then build up slowly.

It can take a while for your microbiome to adjust

The human microbiome (all of our microbes’ genes) can be considered a counterpart to the human genome (all of our genes). The genes in our microbiome outnumber the genes in our genome by about 100 to 1. Meet the Microbiome. Microbes are everywhere: in the soil, in the water, and even in our bodies.

So it’s pretty complicated and can time to adjust.

This advice usually works - 5-7 days at 1 meal per day, then 5-7 meals at 2 meals, then 5-7 days at 3 meals, then go 100% if you are aiming for 100%. But of course everyone is different.

The good news is that is usually passes in the end

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