Huel - Black Edition


I have just bought my first bag of huel powder and read a lot about people suffering GI issues.
I am wondering, is this more an issue with the white bag as it has different sugars to the black?
Any tips to avoid any potential side effects?

I was thinking one scoop a day rather than one serving (two scoops).
Not sure if it would actually be filling this way though?

I do have a RTD bottle - should I tread more careful with this or just the same as powder ? I just have the one to try out of curiosity.


I imagine everyone’s different, but for what it’s worth I had a short period of adjustment, but that was starting with 300g per day. Imagine if I’d gone 50g for a week, then 100g… etc. it’d have been seamless. Wasn’t unpleasant tho’, just different. :slight_smile:

When u say 300g how much is that? One scoop with liquid or ?

Hi @Huel1701 The most common gut issues reported on here (my own included) are to do with an increase in fibre. This can lead to increased intestinal gas if you are not used to a high fibre diet. Always be sure to have a good fluid intake and start off slowly, say one shake per day to start with.

As @Bee mentioned when starting with Huel it’s best to start off with one meal whether that be powder or RTD for your body to get used to the fibre in Huel, people that tend to have less fibre in their diet can find the increase uncomfortable.

But equally some people don’t have any issues when starting Huel so to be on the safe side, start slow :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Charlotte so do u think one meal or two scoops a day is a “safe” bet?
It’s more the risk of an upset stomach that worries me !:grimacing:

Thanks Bee. I will try my best to get in about 2 litres.
would one every day be safe bet or shall I do one every other day?

I would see how you go with one a day for a few days.

Yes, by slowly easing yourself into a Huel diet it will allow your gut biome to adjust, and decrease the likelihood of any abdominal discomfort we recommend one meal per day!

Brilliant thanks for your help! I shall try one every day see how I go :slight_smile:


300g is 6 scoops making 3 shakes. (inc 1.5l water) :+1:

Ah! I see. Sorry so new to all this lol. Trying a bottle now. Seems nice enough tbh! Can see why people convert already for the convenience if anything :slight_smile:


Hi all, I dived into 2 meals per day a couple of weeks ago and had no problems. I’m feeling the benefits now, a calmer gut, better sleep, more even energy. Really enjoying it.

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Welcome to the forum :heart: That’s so amazing to hear!

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