Brand new to huel and suffering

Just ordered my first box of huel,bought a nutrabullet to blend it and quite excited.
Had my first two scoops for breakfast ,vanilla with some bluebberies and loved it. One hour after However my guts are now groaning and I have been to the toilet three times.
I was going to have another shake for dinner but I am working later and am scared that if I do it will cause me further problems.
I understand that this can be a natural response but to find this reaction after two scoops is pretty disallusioning

Hi - it can be a shock to the system when you first start and people react differently however most find it settles down in a few days once your digestive system becomes accustomed to it. Perhaps you should try easing yourself in on one a day and build up. a combination of the increased high fibre intake and blueberries which can be a natural diarrhetic probably didn’t help.


Agree with Phil totally. When I first started (about a month ago) I went for two and a half weeks or so of just one shake a day to let my body get used to it. Then I started adding in bars, then another shake and now I’m on three shakes and a bar every day with no adverse effects.

Ease yourself into it for sure is the way forward.

Edit: totally forgot to add than every dramatic dietary change will effect you in some way to an extent. Just give it time.

Oh and welcome! :smiley:

Thanks for the advice, decided that I will do one a day ( no bluebberies) to see how I go. My whole intention is to replace my work meals Monday to Friday and become healthier all round by doing so.

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Hey Jonathan, welcome to the forum - it’s great to have you on the team. Echoing what the team have said here, just reduce that Huel down and slowly build it up. I agree that 2 scoops and some blueberries and having problems isn’t ideal, but you could reduce it down to one scoop and build up from there.

Were you feeling better with your Huel without the blueberries? Hopefully we can make it work as Huel’s perfect for your work meals. :hugs:

Well day two and I can report that the issues with the stomach are not present today. I can only put it down to the blueberries ( which I find odd as they were fresh - but frozen) no other logical explanation. Anyway fingers crossed alls well so far today.


it is normal to adjust to this huel stuff.

if you have problems in future consider that huel is clean and that you may have underlying gut health problems.

Just to clarify I have never in my 53 yes had issues with my gut. I took huel and had issues so I can assume on that form it was the huel ( or the blueberries)

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Out of curiosity, has your diet been strong in fibre already and do you take probiotics of any kind?

No not to either.I have just a regular western diet with the alcohol that goes with it. Not overweight and trained regular since my early teens.

Well huel has good amounts of pro and pre biotics which have been known to cause some people initial problems (not just huel, loads of yoghurt drinks etc) when they first hit your intestinal flora (microbiotica) and can take a few days for your gut to acclimatise.

alcohol could be a problem

but if u been gut healthy all ur life i guess ur just adapting

When I say alcohol I don’t want to portray I am a raging alco ,I have a few pints most weekend ,just the average kind of guy I guess.In any case everything appears back to normal.

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no problem.

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